Talk with Dr. Fiott – Practical Answers, Big Issues (10-minute podcast)

Hello everyone, welcome to the podcast. This is Dr. Fiott for D’Oxyva, the industry-leading solution for improved circulation. The information that I’m about to provide for you in this podcast is so ground-breaking and so important that it really could save your life or that of a loved one, so I’m going to encourage you to stay for the end of this short podcast for two big reasons: First, you’re going to find out how diabetics with foot ulcers who are amputation prone, are now avoiding amputation altogether from a very short, simple 4-8 week treatment (so yes, there is an easy answer!). Second, I’m going to provide you with a coupon code for use throughout our website anytime in the next 3 days.

But first, here’s just a little about me and why I’m here talking about D’Oxyva: I’m a former Corporate Physical Health Director for a major aging services community (one of the largest in my state, in fact), where my job was to make unhealthy people healthy again. I worked heavily with Assisted Living residents, and Independent residents as well, and the population that I served had a mean age of 88 years old, so you can imagine that almost none of those residents had consistently healthy circulation: Their blood was generally unhealthy, as was the way it circulated through their bodies. Now, this was around 15 years ago, when outpatient intervention was far more limited than it is today. Back then, outside of each resident’s medications, we only really had exercise and nutrition to help improve circulation on a daily basis at their homes. As important as exercise and nutrition are, they are not without their obstacles and their limitations – especially for those with poor mobility or poor general health. I only wish that we had D’Oxyva back then, because if we had, then improving circulation for each of the residents that I served would have been far easier and more consistent of a job for me and for my staff. And, aside from making our jobs easier, each and every one of those residents would have been healthier and physically stronger, as well.

So, today, I’m going to answer some of the common questions that professionals and consumers have about D’Oxyva, because this really is a breakthrough and I think its critical that people understand exactly what this is and why D’Oxyva is such a simple and safe solution for their circulatory problems. But, before I get to those commonly-asked questions, let me provide just a bit of clarity as to the science behind D’Oxyva and why this is considered to be so safe and effective:

decade-long excellent clinical evidence, out of the 20 top-ranked U.S. universities, literally 18 of them (including virtually all Ivy League schools) are involved in pivotal trials for updated FDA approval as universal treatment for diabetic foot ulcer treatment and amputation prevention. So, digest that for a moment: 90% of the top-ranked universities have been and are currently involved in these long-term studies. And, just to recap to be sure you understand – these studies are seeking FDA approval, (that’s the Food and Drug Administration), for D’Oxyva to become the go-to solution for two kinds of people: People with diabetic foot ulcers, and we’ll talk about that in just a second; and for amputation prevention. That’s how powerful D’Oxyva is in benefiting circulation, and delivering the blood and its nutrients to the distal tissues of the body.

So, you understand – in a world where objectivity and clinical analysis for new health technology is waning, D’Oxyva is not some fly-by-night “cash-grab” from people who aren’t taking the appropriate steps. Quite the opposite, D’Oxyva is the well-studied, clinically understood solution for diabetic foot ulcer treatment, and for improving circulation for those who are facing possible amputation due to their circulatory dysfunction.

So, with all of that said, I’m going to go ahead and answer some common questions that we’ve gotten before I provide that discount code that I mentioned, for use on any order from our website.

So, a common question is how and why is D’Oxyva beneficial? I’m going to explain it this way: Your body generally prioritizes most of its circulation to the gut, leaving the peripheral parts of the body (like the toes and fingers) less circulation to go around, and therefore less delivery of oxygen and nutrients makes it to those periphery anatomical landmarks. Improving circulation in one periphery area, such as the thumb for example, will also improve circulation throughout all of the periphery areas. So, if you take D’Oxyva in the thumb, you’re improving circulation not only in that thumb, but that hand, the other hand, the toes, the feet, and truly all of the extremities. That’s where you want the circulation if you’re not already getting enough circulation to those extremities. This is a game-changer for people who are not oxygenating their distal points enough, and especially for people with wounds in those distal areas because those wounds need more circulation to heal. This is why diabetics with foot ulcers are so especially benefited by D’Oxyva – they can easily take D’Oxyva in the thumb to speed up the healing in their feet, thereby closing their wounds due to the increased blood flow and oxygenation.

People also ask, “How often do I need to take it?” Its simple: You’re not going to have to drive yourself crazy with alarms and reminders to take D’Oxyva. You just take it once or twice per day, and generally it is only needed five days per week. So, its quick, convenient, simple, and you just do it yourself right at home. It’s perfect.

If you’d like to learn more, then visit of course, but I’d also encourage you to conduct a simple google search and find a study called, “Transdermal CO2 Increases Perfusion Index in Patients with Placenta Accreta Following Temporary Abdominal Aortic Cross-Clamping”. That way, you can see some of the clinical data first-hand.

Now, I’m going to have that coupon code that I promised you in just a moment, but first let me provide a reminder for your health & longevity: It’s important to understand that when D’Oxyva improves your circulation, you’re turning around your entire life for the better, and that is not hyperbole. When you improve circulation, you’re likely to see the loss of excess, unhealthy body fat, making you leaner and stronger and at less risk for heart disease, cancer, Covid-19, and other diseases. You’re also likely to improve longevity – people with poor circulation just don’t tend to live as long as those with healthy circulation. And of course, when the tissues throughout your body are well-nourished from stronger circulation, you have more energy, faster healing, and a more active life. So, please don’t do yourself the disservice of thinking of circulation as just another health metric that you don’t think much about: It is critical for your happiness, and for your existence.

As promised earlier, you’re about to save some money, and I’m not talking about 10% or 15 or even 20%, I’m referring to a one-time, 30% savings on your entire health investment at Just enter code DrFiott at checkout, and please keep in mind this cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing offer. Now, this a great savings, but we can only keep it open for 3 days. So, because code DrFiott expires in 3 days, be sure to visit right now so you don’t forget and end up missing this opportunity. Visit now, and be sure to visit us next week when I’ll be answering more questions and talking about result norms – how soon you can expect results, how to measure, possible side effects, and more. I’ll see you then and at with coupon code DrFiott.


How soon can I see results? How can I measure my own results? What clinical evidence exists? Is it FDA approved? Can kids and older folks use it? What are the side effects? What quality of life benefits does it offer? Will it heal my diabetic foot ulcer? Will it reduce my blood pressure? Blood sugar?


Self-administering, self-monitoring and sharing results with doctors and general public is the best model. Pain relief is universal for chronic long-term pain, fitness, sex drive and performance for both male and female patients.

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