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The Connection Between Oxygen and Diabetes

A lack of O2 in fat cells triggers inflammation and insulin resistance in obesity. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have,


7 Things You Should Know About Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can lead to complications[1] involving the feet, including peripheral neuropathic pain, diabetic foot ulcers, poor circulation, decreased sensation and increased callus formation. This can lead to

Myths About Diabetes Treatments

Top 10 Myths About Diabetes Treatments: Busted

Diabetes affects tens of millions of Americans, with hundreds of thousands of new cases diagnosed every year. And there are many different currently accepted treatments


Always Ready to D’OXYVA, Never Have to Order

Circularity Healthcare’s Autopay-Autoship Program means your D’OXYVA supplies are always on-hand right-here, right-now. You already know that D’OXYVA’s daily continued application for at least 8