Eliminate the Appearance of Severe Varicose Veins & Alleviate Severe Pain

Significantly & instantly improve lasting, naturally-oxygenated blood flow in minutes

remove varicose veins by improving your circulation with D'OXYVA

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Are You Unknowingly Blocking Your Blood Flow?

Did you know that stress, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, dehydration, unhealthy foods, and impure air can each contribute to significantly impaired blood flow, especially the most important kind, your micro-vessel blood flow or micro-circulation?


As a result, your organs don’t get the life-supporting oxygen and nutrients from your body’s circulatory system, leading to organ failure.


Whether you want to elevate your athletic and intimate performance, heal injuries or solve chronic pain and underlying conditions, it’s time to boost your blood flow and nerve activities!


Talk to your doctor or wellness expert about the benefits of improved circulation.

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Advanced Circulation Skin Applicator

Experience Major Benefits in 3-5 Weeks

With just five minutes of gentle solution sprayed on the thumb or any affected body part, D’OXYVA also offers a major boost in sleep quality, stamina, mood, and cognition.

Add D'OXYVA to Your Daily Living Now

5-Part Regimen to Improve Circulation & Enjoy Life to the Fullest in a Few Weeks

The D’OXYVA action is unique — life-restoring molecule CO2 and gentle vapor dissolves across the skin to improve rest and digest (parasympathetic) nerve functions, skin perfusion pressure and peripheral blood circulation.

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Maximize benefits & optimize cost with a tailored regimen

Add these foods to increase proper blood flow.

• Onion and garlic

• Dark chocolate

• Citrus foods

• Chili powder

• Olive oil

• Nuts and seeds

These vitamins may improve circulatory health.

• Niacin

• Vitamin E

• Ascorbic acid

• Vitamin K

Moderate exercise helps to improve overall blood flow.

• Walking and jogging

• Light weightlifting

• Aerobics and yoga

• Swimming

Essential changes you can make to improve circulation.

• Stretching any time of day

• Quitting smoking

• Getting regular massages

• Resting with feet above head

• Drinking more water

Adding the D’OXYVA biotech solution to the above recommended regimen can literally transform your physical condition and mental well-being, resulting in a total enhancement of your quality of life.

Use Case

D’OXYVA Significantly Reduces Appearances of & the Risks of Varicose Veins in Teachers

Teachers are often required to stand for hours, which can lead to circulatory impairments.

Regular D’OXYVA use tackles this problem, addressing existing spider veins and varicose veins, while helping to avoid the formation of future ones.

Surgery vs. Nonsurgery

Comparing Options


  • SAFETY Surgery is associated with significant post-treatment complications.
  • OUTCOMES Invasive surgeries for varicose veins require considerably longer time for post-surgical recovery. Prognosis is often affected by super-imposed complications.
  • RECURRENCE Recurrence of the problem after surgical management is about 50% within 5 years.
  • CONVENIENCE Surgeries for varicose veins require considerable pre, and post-surgical care.
  • COMPLICATIONS Surgeries often lead to unwanted complications like blood clots, suture failure and infections.
  • COST Surgeries for varicose veins cost a fortune and that come with more risks of complications.


  • SAFETY Non-invasive solutions for varicose veins are much safer compared to surgical options.
  • OUTCOMES In almost 95% of cases, non-invasive options show nearly 100% efficacy. 
  • RECURRENCE When managed properly, non-surgical options result in permanent recovery from varicose veins.
  • CONVENIENCE Non-invasive options for varicose veins are more convenient and no special medical assistance is required.
  • COMPLICATIONS Non-invasive management of varicose veins doesn’t result in significant complications.
  • COST The cost of non-invasive solutions for varicose veins is much lower than the surgical interventions.