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Physician-recommended, Easy to Use Daily

Recognize & Improve Poor Circulation & Nerve Functions

Poor circulation has the potential to deliver a variety of unpleasant consequences — from banal muscle pains to the potential development of gangrene.

If your circulation is slower than usual — or is disrupted in any way — this condition robs your body of essential nourishment.

Autonomic nerve function imbalances have been widely reported to cause serious and complex health complications. Improving the rest and digestive (parasympathetic) nerve functions can have profound benefits based on decades of clinical research.

Effectively deal with a wide host of major issues, including long-term pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, auto-immune, sexual organ dysfunction, low athletic performance, mood, cognition, physical endurance, and bad appetite and sleep.

D’OXYVA Delivered at the Thumb in Minutes Causes Sustained, Hours-Long Blood Circulation Improvement by 50-300% for Over 97% of People

Over Three Dozen Exceptionally Positive Studies in a Decade

Maximize Performance & Recovery

Take Your Athletic Performance To New Heights

Skyrocket your athletic performance and minimize the recovery time after demanding workouts and injuries. With a 97% blood circulation improvement rate, D’OXYVA serves as a body booster leading your endurance to the next level.

In clinical studies conducted on healthy adults and athletes, D’OXYVA nearly doubled their blood flow, physical performance and endurance, significantly improved nerve activities, halved recovery time between heavy exercise, and significantly reduced the duration of recovery from injuries.

My Neuropathy Story: “This Is How My Diabetic Neuropathy Disappeared Forever”

What Our Customers Say

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"I could not believe how my big, bulging spider veins on my leg had faded in a couple of weeks then nearly disappeared in about a couple of months. No more pain either! Thank you, D'OXYVA!"
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"This gadget is amazing! It really helped reduce my back pain and my Covid-19 symptoms in a few days. Absolutely love it!"
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"Love my D'OXYVA. Everyone needs this to stay fit and healthy and above all, stay in shape with a healthy weight. It only takes a few minutes a day. Must try!"

Add D'OXYVA to Your Daily Living Now

5-Part Regimen to Improve Circulation & Enjoy Life to the Fullest in a Few Weeks

The D’OXYVA action is unique — life-restoring molecule CO2 and gentle vapor dissolves across the skin to improve rest and digest (parasympathetic) nerve functions, skin perfusion pressure and peripheral blood circulation.

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Maximize benefits & optimize cost with a tailored regimen

Add these foods to increase proper blood flow.

• Onion and garlic

• Dark chocolate

• Citrus foods

• Chili powder

• Olive oil

• Nuts and seeds

These vitamins may improve circulatory health.

• Niacin

• Vitamin E

• Ascorbic acid

• Vitamin K

Moderate exercise helps to improve overall blood flow.

• Walking and jogging

• Light weightlifting

• Aerobics and yoga

• Swimming

Essential changes you can make to improve circulation.

• Stretching any time of day

• Quitting smoking

• Getting regular massages

• Resting with feet above head

• Drinking more water

Adding the D’OXYVA biotech solution to the above recommended regimen can literally transform your physical condition and mental well-being, resulting in a total enhancement of your quality of life.

DOxyva for pro casual athletes, spider veins

We Believe in Real Health Care

Experience The Healing Powers Of Microcirculation

D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the pioneering non-invasive biotech solution created by the health science experts at Circularity Healthcare – clinically validated to deliver a wealth of health, athletic, and cosmetic benefits in a single painless, convenient, and affordable application.

Take Your Relationship to New Heights

Revitalize Your Sexual Life

Taking D’OXYVA daily may also help you deal with sexual organ function and desire, while empowering your sexual health and enhancing your stamina.

By working directly on the circulatory and autonomic nervous system and boosting blood flow, while balancing nerve functions in those organs, D’OXYVA offers a novel solution for the common problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) and vaginal complications, while it may reduce the potential risks of performance enhancers.

Family measuring D'Oxyva perfusion index (peripheral blood circulation), oxygen saturation, heart rate, repsiratory rate results with oximeter

Hold Your Loved Ones Accountable with Instant Proof It's Working

Family measuring D'Oxyva perfusion index (peripheral blood circulation), oxygen saturation, heart rate, repsiratory rate results with oximeter

The finger pulse oximeter demonstrates D’OXYVA results in under one minute. It accurately measures pulse rate, peripheral blood flow (PI), and oxygen saturation via the finger. Designed with the most straightforward operation in mind, it utilizes self-adjusting finger clips and a single-button function.

Cardiac patients and those who have circulatory pathologies will find the finger pulse oximeter to be an invaluable tool for monitoring their conditions.

*Complementary Fingertip Pulse Oximeter for a limited time when you purchase D'OXYVA product sets.

Cost-Effective & Ultra-Portable Option

Your Powerful Weapon Against Venous Insufficiency, Varicose Veins

D’OXYVA offers highly efficient mild-to-severe venous insufficiency and varicose vein solution to help you get your good-looking skin and confidence back.

See immediately measurable results for your most stigmatic issues. Record your peripheral blood flow with a fingertip pulse oximeter we provide with each product set. Adjust regimen based on your results.

Surgery vs. Nonsurgery

Comparing Options


  • SAFETY Surgery is associated with significant post-treatment complications.
  • OUTCOMES Invasive surgeries for varicose veins require considerably longer time for post-surgical recovery. Prognosis is often affected by super-imposed complications.
  • RECURRENCE Recurrence of the problem after surgical management is about 50% within 5 years.
  • CONVENIENCE Surgeries for varicose veins require considerable pre, and post-surgical care.
  • COMPLICATIONS Surgeries often lead to unwanted complications like blood clots, suture failure and infections.
  • COST Surgeries for varicose veins cost a fortune and that come with more risks of complications.


  • SAFETY Non-invasive solutions for varicose veins are much safer compared to surgical options.
  • OUTCOMES In almost 95% of cases, non-invasive options show nearly 100% efficacy. 
  • RECURRENCE When managed properly, non-surgical options result in permanent recovery from varicose veins.
  • CONVENIENCE Non-invasive options for varicose veins are more convenient and no special medical assistance is required.
  • COMPLICATIONS Non-invasive management of varicose veins doesn’t result in significant complications.
  • COST The cost of non-invasive solutions for varicose veins is much lower than the surgical interventions.

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Better Veins for a Better Life

Regularly take D’OXYVA for fading away your varicose veins and closing non-healing chronic wounds.

Regularly take D’OXYVA for fading away your varicose veins and closing non-healing chronic wounds. Email us your “Before and After” photos and/or videos to receive additional discount offers and a tailored regimen. Take advantage of this opportunity and tell your story on nationally-recognized radio and podcast shows, and help other people find relief as well.

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Maximize benefits & optimize cost with a tailored regimen

Use Case

D’OXYVA Significantly Reduces Appearances of & the Risks of Varicose Veins in Teachers

Teachers are often required to stand for hours, which can lead to circulatory impairments.

Regular D’OXYVA use tackles this problem, addressing existing spider veins and varicose veins, while helping to avoid the formation of future ones.