Elevate Performance & Alleviate Injuries

Significantly & instantly improve lasting, naturally-oxygenated blood flow in minutes for pro & casual cyclists & triathletes

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Maximize Performance & Recovery

Take Your Athletic Performance To New Heights

Skyrocket your athletic performance and minimize the recovery time after demanding workouts and injuries. With a 97% blood circulation improvement rate, D’OXYVA serves as a body booster leading your endurance to the next level.

In clinical studies conducted on healthy adults and athletes, D’OXYVA nearly doubled their blood flow, physical performance and endurance, halved recovery time between heavy exercise, and significantly reduced the duration of recovery from injuries.

With over half a million applications, thousands of happy customers, and three dozen exceptionally positive human medical research studies in over two dozen countries, you can rest assured D’OXYVA delivers.

My Neuropathy Story: “This Is How My Diabetic Neuropathy Disappeared Forever”

Advanced Circulation Skin Applicator

Experience Major Benefits in 3-5 Weeks

With just five minutes of gentle solution sprayed on the thumb or any affected body part, D’OXYVA also offers a major boost in sleep quality, stamina, mood, and cognition.

Add D'OXYVA to Your Daily Living Now

5-Part Regimen to Improve Circulation & Enjoy Life to the Fullest in a Few Weeks

The D’OXYVA action is unique — life-restoring molecule CO2 and gentle vapor dissolves across the skin to improve rest and digest (parasympathetic) nerve functions, skin perfusion pressure and peripheral blood circulation.

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Maximize benefits & optimize cost with a tailored regimen

Add these foods to increase proper blood flow.

• Onion and garlic

• Dark chocolate

• Citrus foods

• Chili powder

• Olive oil

• Nuts and seeds

These vitamins may improve circulatory health.

• Niacin

• Vitamin E

• Ascorbic acid

• Vitamin K

Moderate exercise helps to improve overall blood flow.

• Walking and jogging

• Light weightlifting

• Aerobics and yoga

• Swimming

Essential changes you can make to improve circulation.

• Stretching any time of day

• Quitting smoking

• Getting regular massages

• Resting with feet above head

• Drinking more water

Adding the D’OXYVA biotech solution to the above recommended regimen can literally transform your physical condition and mental well-being, resulting in a total enhancement of your quality of life.