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This is your best option – especially when nothing else has worked – if you are suffering from long-term pain and facing complex issues related to:


Low athletic, Intimate Performance

Venous Insufficiency

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins

Peripheral Vascular Complications

Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia

Diabetic, Burn, Trauma Wounds

If small spider veins are developing into much bigger issues and you can’t enjoy daily activities with your friends and loved ones anymore, or you just need a massive boost of blood flow, you need D’OXYVA’s powerful benefits now.

Over three dozen exceptionally positive human studies completed at prestigious universities, over a half million successful applications in over three dozen countries in a decade.

Premium quality made in the USA.

Maximize benefits & optimize cost with a tailored regimen

Live Your Life to the Fullest, Pain, Stigma & Symptom Free with


(deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator)

18 of the 20 Top-Ranked U.S. Universities Are Involved in Pivotal Evidence Collection

Clinically-Proven, Over-the-Skin Solution for Much Improved Blood Circulation with Industry-Leading Benefits

Effectively Target Underlying Conditions For Women & Men at Any Age - Get Consistent & Powerful Results in Just 4-8 Weeks

Significantly Improve Blood Circulation, Beneficial Nerve Activities That Last

Recommended by world-renowned experts. Enjoy exceptional benefits you can detect in minutes after each skin application. Full refund if you can’t detect any results in 30 days. Don’t wait, get the limited-time offer now.

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Thousands of competing products in the past nearly twenty-five years have failed in achieving what D’OXYVA® has obtained in terms of regulatory approvals, clinical safety and efficacy in the past seven years.said Dr. Charles M. Zelen, PERI’s CEO

Check out what the doctors say about your specific health issues

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D’OXYVA Delivered at the Thumb in Minutes Causes Sustained, Hours-Long Blood Circulation Improvement by 50-300% for Over 97% of People

Over Three Dozen Exceptionally Positive Studies in a Decade

Try the Powerful Regenerative 5-minute Skin Applications Effectively Targeting Underlying Conditions

Live your life to the fullest at any age with D'OXYVA

D’OXYVA® is the only fully non-invasive, fast-acting, affordable and full-body micro-circulatory technology you can trust for your most challenging health and cosmetic problems with over two dozen exceptionally positive human studies.

It gently sprays a water-based solution on the surface of the skin that induces various protective mechanisms of actions to bring the body back to balance (homeostasis).

The micro-circulation is importantly involved in a variety of pathological conditions and D’OXYVA has demonstrated profound benefits in promoting blood flow and micro-vessel structure regrowth (angiogenesis).

We’re passionate about achieving your total health! Therefore, we’re proud to inform you about the groundbreaking and significantly expanded multi-site pivotal evidence collection for D’OXYVA by world-class medical experts at 18 of the 20 top-ranked U.S. universities after a decade of exceptional results, including UCLA, MIT, YALE, HARVARD, NORTHWESTERN, DREXEL and many others.

Rest assured you are in good hands with an established decade-long record of zero adverse event reports and hundreds of thousands of successful applications in over three dozen countries. Beyond selling our advanced products, we stay with you on your journey to reach your health goals.

Designed to optimize the body’s blood circulation, cellular oxygenation, and initialize beneficial nerve activities, D’OXYVA offers a real solution to severe and chronic complications.

Start Reaping Real Benefits In Only 4-8 Weeks

D'OXYVA® Advanced Circulation Skin Applicator

A few minutes of gentle solution sprayed on the thumb or any body part will also assist you in effectively facing low energy levels, mood and appetite, bad sleep quality and cognition.

To achieve the best results, experts recommend starting with 1-3 daily applications for the first 3-4 weeks, then move on with 1-2 daily or 2-3 weekly uses, depending on the severity of potential underlying complications.

Over a Half Million Successful Applications in Over Three Dozen Countries

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remove varicose veins by improving your circulation with D'OXYVA

Measure your results. Full refund if you can’t detect benefits within 30 days.

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Do You Unknowingly Block Your Blood Flow?

Are You a Blocker?

If you’re stressed out, drink coffee, alcohol, smoke, eat unhealthy food and breathe unhealthy air then you are a major blocker of your blood flow, especially the most important kind, your micro-vessel blood flow or micro-circulation.


Those tiny bio-highways web over every organ and play a vital role in keeping your body’s circulatory system healthy. Unfortunately, dehydration plays a key factor in early organ failure and must be regulated and kept in check.


Whether you want to up your game, heal your injury or solve chronic underlying conditions, you want to boost your blood flow with oxygen-balanced blood. Have you thought of talking to your doctor, wellness coach and yoga instructor about improving your blood circulation?

Try the all natural regenerative skin applications of


Enjoy Major Immediate & Long-Term Results: 2x Daily for 4-8 Weeks, 2-3x Weekly Thereafter

Why Take D'OXYVA Regularly?

Physician-recommended for daily & weekly regimen based on severity of condition. No prescription required and super easy to use anywhere without pain or disruption to your skin or body.

Lock in long-term benefits with regular daily and weekly use. Get instant benefits that last for hours with each application.

Unlike ointments, surgery and complex modalities that cost a fortune and do not solve the underlying problem, D’OXYVA is available at a competitive price.

Effectively target underlying conditions in just a few weeks of daily applications.

Self-administered, non-invasive, non-electrical, non-significant risk health tool with a gentle spray-on-skin application.

The skin applicator device is lightweight, allowing you to carry it with you and use it at home, in the office, gym, or anywhere else.


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I discovered this unconventional biotech you won’t hear about on mainstream media outlets years ago and is making a huge, positive impact on those suffering with underlying conditions.

I was amazed at how the swelling and stiffness in my joints went away and I had more energy! The best part is they market this product also for its beauty benefits. It can help with acne, wrinkles, spider veins, stretch marks and cellulite! Check out Circularity!

~ Jesse Golden, CEO, The Golden Secrets

Family measuring D'Oxyva perfusion index (peripheral blood circulation), oxygen saturation, heart rate, repsiratory rate results with oximeter

Athletes, cardiac patients, and those who have circulatory pathologies will find the finger pulse oximeter to be an invaluable tool for monitoring their conditions.

Quick & Easy Way to Check Results

Get Instant Proof It's Working

The finger pulse oximeter demonstrates the best D’OXYVA® results in 30-60 minutes.

Measure and record your critical peripheral blood flow (PI), pulse rate, and oxygen saturation via the finger. 

Zero Adverse Event Reports, Multiple Major Benefits at the Same Time

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