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Questions answered in this episode are: How soon can I see results? How can I measure my own results? What clinical evidence exists? Is it FDA approved?

Hello everyone, welcome to the podcast. This is Dr. Fiott for D’Oxyva, the industry-leading solution for improved circulation.  Last week, I talked with you about D’Oxyva and why it is such a life-changing technology for anyone who suffers from poor circulation.  As it approached FDA approval, I believe that this will be the game-changer that amputation-prone diabetics have been praying for. And, I believe that D’Oxyva is poised to help prevent – not just diabetics – but all people in poor circulatory health from getting to that point in the first place.  A lot of people have suffered from amputation in the past because they did not have a device like D’Oxyva to help them restore their circulation. 

So, today I’ll be answering some more of the common questions that the people at D’Oxyva get from physicians, clinicians, and patients alike.  This is going to be eye-opening!

Let’s start with the FAQ that is on everyone’s mind, and that is: How soon will I see results?

Before I give you a general timeline, I should remind you that all of us have different physiology and different environmental factors affecting our circulation. And, everyone have different goals as well – some people take it for general health and to improve their workouts and their sex life, whereas others take it for more critical reasons such as reducing the likelihood of amputation due to wounds.  So, each patient will have a different experience, just like with any medical treatment or intervention. And, I’ll also note that D’Oxyva STARTS working the very first time you take it.  Literally, that very first time you take D’Oxyva, you’ll be improving your circulation and preventing further health problems.

So, for noticeable, tangible results from chronic pain, the general timeline is roughly seven to 10 days…  That’s it – chronic pain reduction or elimination in just seven to 10 days with D’Oxyva. Patients with very severe dysfunction or comorbidities may be on the higher end of that spectrum or longer, whereas people whose circumstances are less dire will likely enjoy their pain relief more quickly.  For people who are not experiencing pain but who want to enjoy improved capacity for exercise, or for activities of daily living, you could notice very immediate results. In fact, we suggest that you take D’Oxyva about 30 minutes prior to exercise to improve exercise capacity and performance.

Now, this brings us to the common question, “How do I know that my circulation is improving with D’Oxyva?” Well, measuring your progress can be easily done at home.  You can simply use a pulse oximeter on your finger; if you don’t know what that is, it is just a simple little lightweight device that is non-invasive and that you’ll barely feel.  You’ll be able to see your Perfusion Index increase in about half an hour or an hour or so.  That way, you know its working!

People also ask about the clinical merit behind D’Oxyva.  There is an abundance of clinical evidence supporting D’Oxyva’s benefits, but perhaps the greatest study that I can point you to is called, “Transdermal CO2 Increases Perfusion Index in Patients with Placenta Accreta Following Temporary Abdominal Aortic Cross-Clamping”, I mentioned this in last week’s podcast.

Additionally, evidence has been coming from eighteen of the top twenty ranked U.S. universities by world-class medical scientists and doctors. There are over two dozen exceptionally positive high-profile pilot and pivotal studies including randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies that have yielded a decade-long record of zero adverse event reports. There are also hundreds of thousands of radically successful applications in over three dozen countries.

Another question that the people at D’Oxyva sometimes get asked is, “Is this FDA approved?”  FDA approval is close, but it is a very lengthy process.  I spoke a bit about this in last week’s podcast, but I’ll recap by saying that D’Oxyva has been in clinical trials for over a decade and that FDA approval is expected soon.

That’s about it for this week, everyone. I hope you’ve found this podcast helpful. In closing, keep in mind that D’Oxyva is fully self-administered and self-monitored. It not only helps with restore normal function and close up ulcer wounds, but it also an amazing way to relieve chronic pain, and to improve fitness, sex drive and performance.

Visit doxyva.com now to learn more first-hand. I’ll see you next week.

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