5 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

By Dr. Steven Gelbard, MD, Medical Director of ReLife Miami Institute

Sometimes, a mental health issue manifests as emotional outbursts rather than chronic anxiousness or periods of depression. You may notice you’re overeating or not eating enough, so you had a recent change in your weight. You could be suffering from insomnia, frequently waking up through the night, or oversleeping. It’s possible to improve your mental state of health and improve your overall quality of life, though.

1. Change Your Diet

A mineral or vitamin deficiency may be the root of your anxiousness or depression. For instance, zinc has an impact on your mood. It’s possible to feel depressed if you have a zinc deficiency. Studies have shown a link with low zinc levels in their blood and depression. Moreover, it appears there’s a correlation between zinc levels and the severity of a person’s depression. Zinc is necessary for the release of certain hormones, including stress hormones. A zinc deficiency can also lead to aggravation. Zinc isn’t the only nutrient that can interfere with your happiness and mental health; so can B-complex vitamins, iron, and vitamin D, among others. Try to consume a diet rich in nutrients. If you can’t, consider supplementing.


2. Go for Regular Walks

It’s important to keep yourself active, even if you’re at your ideal weight. A walk can help reduce your stress and boost your energy levels. It’s also hindering you from using your electronic devices. Walking has the potential to boost your energy levels and help you to refocus your mind. After you begin walking regularly, you may notice your symptoms of depression are decreasing.

3. Take Time Each Day Without Electronic Devices

If it’s possible, spend time at some point during your day partaking in an activity besides playing on the tablet, using your cell phone, or watching television. The excessive use of electronic devices has been linked to depression and anxiety. The calls and emails can become overwhelmingly stressful. Plus, electronic devices emit blue light, which interferes with your body’s sleep schedule. Therefore, it’s particularly important to avoid devices immediately before bed.

4. Improve Your Sleep Habits

Your body requires sleep to revitalize itself and for your body to function normally the following day. If you’re not sleeping enough, it affects your neurotransmitter levels as well as your stress hormones. Ultimately, this takes a toll on your mental health. You may have difficulty regulating your emotions. This could lead to emotional outbursts, depression, and anxiety. Some ways to improve your sleep include avoid caffeine too close to bedtime and avoiding smoking before bed.

5. Consider Using D’OXYVA

D’OXYVA is a unique non-invasive device that releases a transdermal, medical-grade, supersaturated carbon dioxide vapor. As it penetrates through your skin, it optimizes your circulation even down to your small blood vessels. The blood flow through your smallest blood vessels is known as microcirculation, and it’s particularly important for your nerve function as well as the production of certain hormones. For instance, microcirculation plays a role in your adrenal gland. An insufficiency in the amount of adrenaline your body secretes can lead to changes in your personality and mood.

This therapy affects the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the tasks your body regulates on its own, such as your digestion, breathing, and heart rate. Issues within your autonomic nervous system can lead to issues like erectile dysfunction and blood pressure problems.

Your mental health has a profound impact on your quality of life. Fortunately, you can take steps to proactively improve your mental health through lifestyle changes. Additionally, you may want to consider trying D’OXYVA to optimize your mental and overall health and well-being.


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