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D’OXYVA is intended for significant enhancements in the regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) including tissue microcirculation with cellular oxygenation, which is being recognized in a rapidly growing number of published randomized clinical trials leading to a variety of significant clinical outcomes. In short, D’OXYVA has demonstrated outsized improvements in blood circulation, cellular oxygenation, tissue perfusion in the microvessels, micro-, and macro-vascular functions, and neural signal activation in the autonomic nervous system according to randomized human clinical trials.

Microcirculation and autonomic nervous system dysfunction is increasingly regarded by the mainstream scientific medical community as the underlying cause of the most widespread health complications for both the young and elderly. Among other things, restrictions in these processes impede normal organ functions, the flow of antibodies, white blood cells and platelets, and rob the skin and body of oxygen and essential nutrients.

SWITCH TO THE ONLY GENTLE, RAPID, EFFECTIVE, AND PAINLESS SOLUTION WITHOUT BREAKING THE BARRIER OF YOUR SKIN! D’OXYVA promises painless and fully noninvasive and nontoxic delivery of far higher concentrations of medication more directly, more quickly, and with greater efficacy than traditional and competing medication delivery methods. It reduces or eliminates adverse side effects. Competing skin delivery technologies try passing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) through the skin layers. This often limits the molecular sizes and leads to adverse side effects such as skin irritation or permanent tissue damage. D’OXYVA’s unique skin microcirculation  (skin perfusion pressure) solution uses a high concentration of ultra-purified medical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water vapor in a molecular form, sprayed gently on the skin surface. The resulting vapor solution is a so-called supersaturated gas vapor, adjusted to the pH of your skin. Human skin is oily and watery and CO2 readily dissolves in our skin in molecular form with the patented and patent-pending process unique only to D’OXYVA.

D’OXYVA is a relatively affordable, low-risk, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-opioid, both adjunct and stand-alone solution for the forward-looking health facility and patient wanting to significantly reduce cost of treatment and readmission rates, while improving patient compliance. 

For example, in controlled human clinical studies with D’OXYVA, severe (Wagner stage II – III) diabetic ulcer wounds typically healed and closed within 4 – 8 weeks with an average 2 applications per day and 125 total, costing about $1,500 at out-of-pocket retail price. In comparison, according to various market research studies such as conducted by the Mayo Clinic, the direct cost to treat such wounds with existing modalities yielding only 15 – 20% success is roughly $6,000 – $20,000 annually in the U.S. (not counting indirect cost estimates that are multiples of direct cost) that affects well over 7 million people in the U.S. alone.

The recommended average starting dose of D’OXYVA is 16g CO2 twice daily for 5 days per week for the first 2 weeks and once daily for 5 days per week for another 2 weeks. The average maintenance dose of D’OXYVA can be once a day for 3 days per week. The starting and maintenance dose of D’OXYVA should be individualized according to patient characteristics such as goals of therapy and response.

Blood flow (perfusion index), oxygen (SpO2 and TcPO2), blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate variability, sympathetic/parasympathetic nerve activity, blood pH, and other vitals should be analyzed within 2 to 4 weeks after starting D’OXYVA and dosage adjusted according to results.

Stopping D’OXYVA after only 4 weeks is not recommended and it may not provide the expected long-term benefits even if major benefits and clinical outcomes were realized!

D’OXYVA is becoming exceptionally advantageous for the patient, health care practitioner, and the entire healthcare system, and is starting to provide substantial cost savings and improvements in quality of life for a wide variety of health complications for people of all ages and backgrounds.


IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: According to various human clinical trials with D’OXYVA, this product does NOT increase blood (PCO2) or tissue (TcPCO2) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels like anesthesia or other inhalation, needle injection or skin delivery CO2 medical gas delivery applications. It DOES improve blood (SpO2) and tissue (TcPO2) oxygen and pH balance. Increased CO2 levels in blood and tissue may be detrimental to some but increased O2 levels are typically beneficial. 

D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is becoming a standard setter in numerous fields and the first choice of doctors in a growing number of countries around the world for the solution of the most difficult complications caused by chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular, and various forms of cancer such as multiple myeloma.

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