First, press the lever, then slide the door up to access the device’s liquid capsule. Fill it with clean, drinkable water. The water level should be just by the orange marker. Filling your D’OXYVA with too much or too little water might cause water leakage.


When closing your liquid capsule, make sure it is closed tightly; you can check by turning it upside down and shaking it. If no water comes out, you are ready to move on to the next step. Now, place your liquid capsule back and make sure the ridges are aligned with the device’s ridges.


Once in place, slide the door back down until it clicks to make sure it is secured properly. Next, put in your COcartridge. Make sure that your device is turned OFF, then unscrew your cartridge cup. You may notice that there is a rubber O-ring in the screw neck; it may be black or gray.


Make sure you are using a new COcartridge; it should not be punctured yet. Put your COcartridge in the cup and slowly screw it tightly enough to your device to put it in place, then give it a good twist. You may hear some hissing from the back hole; this is fine because your COcartridge is pressurized.


Press the ON button, and you will see bubbling and hear more hissing coming from your water cartridge, meaning you are ready to start your D’OXYVA application. Make sure you use the correct angle, using the stand as a guide. Not using the correct angle may affect the delivery time.


Insert your thumb into your device’s applicator opening, and press the applicator against your skin as needed, as long as the skin is healthy. If you are using your D’OXYVA on an open wound, make sure that the device does not touch the wound. You can still spray the vapor onto the wound.


One COcartridge is 1 full application and will take 4-6 minutes. You can do it while sitting on your couch watching television, at your dining table, or even while in bed. You will know that you are done when the bubbling subsides. Once you are done, turn it OFF. Allow the device to cool down for at least 2 minutes before removing the used cartridge. Then, you are ready for your next application.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.