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We are a leading microcirculation company focused on circulatory healthcare, circulatory health and noninvasive drug delivery technologies with excellent customer care services 24/7/365. Microcirculation is the blood flow through the smallest blood vessels in the cardiovascular system. It exists in all tissues and organs that passes nutrients, blood cells, hormones and more to and from cells in the body to help fight diseases, stabilize body temperature and overall maintain the body.The main functions of the microcirculation are the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2). It also serves to regulate blood flow and tissue perfusion thereby affecting blood pressure and responses to inflammation, which can include edema (swelling). Disturbed microcirculation leads to numerous health disturbances and more complicated recovery, weakens the immune-system, worsens the defense of free radicals and many more.

D’OXYVA® improves circulation, specifically microcirculation of your blood. This process unique only to D’OXYVA triggers protective physiological functions in the body; vasodilation and vasoconstrictions in your vessels, catalyzing vessel structure growth (angiogenesis), auto-regulation of local blood supply in tissues and organs, neuroreceptor signaling in the brain, and blood pH balance, amongst other critical functions.

D’OXYVA is for adults and children over 10 whose circulation and oxygen levels are low and cannot improve enough with exercise and a low-fat diet alone.

D’OXYVA is the only fully noninvasive, completely painless skin delivery (over-the-skin) microcirculatory solution that has been validated to significantly improve microcirculation.The improvement of microcirculation, i.e., blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits one’s health, immune system and overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways.Based on years of experience, D’OXYVA has continued developing microcirculation solution. This process, unique to D’OXYVA, has demonstrated triggering protective physiological functions in the body: vasodilation and vasoconstrictions in the vessels, catalyzing vessel structure growth (angiogenesis), autoregulation of local blood supply in tissues and organs, neuroreceptor signaling in the brain and balancing blood pH, among other critical functions.

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Bad blood circulation is fraught with very unpleasant consequences: from banal muscle pains to the potential development of gangrene. In this infographics, we offer 5 doctor proven ways that will help you restore the normal blood flow.



Blood flow and blood circulation refer to the movement of blood through the vessel, tissue or organ and is the volume of blood per unit of time. They are basically the same thing. As blood flows through the human body it delivers important nutrients and oxygen to organs and cells.

If the blood movement is slower than usual, then your body is not getting the essential nourishment.



Swelling of the limbs

Constant fatigue and lethargy

Weak immune system

Cold arms and feet

Sudden hairloss

Poor cognitive functions

Improving the blood flow: A 5 part regime that can help you

Healthy Diet – Foods that increase blood flow

To ensure the normal level of blood flow, you can also try adding specific foods.

Onion and garlic

Dark chocolate



Olive oil

Nuts and seeds

Vitamins and Supplements that increase blood flow

Certain vitamins contribute to the health of the circulatory system, ensuring increased blood flow throughout the body.


Vitamin E 

Ascorbic acid

Vitamin K

Physical Activity – Exercises that increase blood flow to the legs, feet, arms, hands, and brain

These are exercises that will improve the blood flow to all the extremities of your body.

Increase blood flow to the arms – “Windmill”

Increase blood flow to the upper body and arms – “Builder”

Increase blood flow to the feet – “Vibration”

Improving blood circulation in hands and fingers – “Alakazam”

Lifestyle Changes

There are always little things you can do here and there that will better blood flow.

Stretch more

Quit smoking

Enjoy the massage

Place feet above your head

Use hot and cold solution

Drink more water


(deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator)


D’OXYVA (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the first of its kind biotech solution. D’OXYVA has been clinically validated for a variety of significant and rare health, athletic, and cosmetic benefits with record time and cost savings. The FDA-cleared medical CO2 and gentle vapor dissolves in a molecular form in the skin to improve skin perfusion pressure or blood circulation.