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Experience the Healing Powers of Microcirculation

D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the pioneering non-invasive biotech solution created by the health science experts at Circularity Healthcare – validated to deliver a wealth of health, athletic, and cosmetic benefits in a single painless, convenient, and affordable application.


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Improve your blood flow now for physical recovery & mental restoration

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what is microcirculation?

Microcirculation is Critical to Your Health

D’OXYVA uses carbon dioxide — non-toxic substance — administering it via its fully non-invasive skin delivery system.
D’OXYVA‘s over-the-skin route of administration has demonstrated a safer, more effective alternative route to inhalation — a routine delivery method in hospitals.
D’OXYVA’s platform solution uses vaporized ultra-purified carbon dioxide that acts as a catalyst for the body to help improve its functions and heal itself.
Purified carbon dioxide is a non-toxic molecule and can be sold by Circularity online without the need for a prescription. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest standards.

Microcirculation describes the life-giving blood flow through the smallest blood vessels in the cardiovascular system.

It exists in all tissues and organs to deliver nutrients, blood cells, hormones, and other essential elements to your cells to help fight diseases, stabilize body temperature, and maintain body processes.

An additional healing function microcirculation delivers is the delivery of oxygen and the removal of carbon dioxide (CO₂), serving to regulate the blood flow and tissue perfusion that stabilizes blood pressure and encourages your body’s positive response to reduce inflammation and swelling.

A disturbance in the autonomic nervous system and microcirculation may lead to an increase in a variety of health complications — including unnecessarily difficult recovery, a weakened immune-system, an absence of free radicals to defend against sickness and infection, and many more.

HOW CAN D'OXYVA HELP IMPROVE microcirculation?

D’OXYVA maximizes the processes of microcirculation and empowers fast, efficient healing.

D’OXYVA is unique in that it triggers protective physiological functions in the body — vasodilation and vasoconstriction in your vessels; catalyzing vessel structure growth; auto-regulation of local blood supply in tissues and organs; neuroreceptor signaling in the brain; restoration of acceptable blood pH balance; and a host of other critical functions.

D’OXYVA is for adults and children 10+ whose circulation and oxygen levels are low, and cannot improve enough with exercise and a low-fat diet alone.

D’OXYVA is the only fully noninvasive, completely painless, skin delivery (over-the-skin) microcirculatory solution proven to significantly improve microcirculation.

Whether you are looking to significantly improve an existing condition, or to recover from injury or illness, the recommended 5-minute D’OXYVA regimen can have you experiencing significant and noticeable results in as little as 4-8 weeks.

D’OXYVA’s microcirculatory enhancement action can be delivered in a clinical setting, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home — with online purchasing available and without a prescription.

physician-recommended, easy to use daily

Recognize & Improve Poor Circulation

Poor circulation has the potential to deliver a variety of unpleasant consequences — from banal muscle pains to the potential development of gangrene.

If your circulation is slower than usual — or is disrupted in any way — this condition robs your body of essential nourishment.

Improve your blood flow now for physical recovery & mental restoration

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Add D’OXYVA to Your Daily Living TODAY!

5-Part Regimen to Improve Circulation

The D’OXYVA action is unique — life-restoring molecule CO2 and gentle vapor dissolves across the skin to improve rest and digest (parasympathetic) nerve functions, skin perfusion pressure and peripheral blood circulation.

There simply is no faster, safer, more comfortable, or more affordable solution for a variety of existing conditions — or to recover from injury.

Add these foods to increase proper blood flow.

• Onion and garlic

• Dark chocolate

• Citrus foods

• Chili powder

• Olive oil

• Nuts and seeds

These vitamins may improve circulatory health.

• Niacin

• Vitamin E

• Ascorbic acid

• Vitamin K

Moderate exercise helps to improve overall blood flow.

• Walking and jogging

• Light weightlifting

• Aerobics and yoga

• Swimming

Essential changes you can make to improve circulation.

• Stretching any time of day

• Quitting smoking

• Getting regular massages

• Resting with feet above head

• Drinking more water

Adding the D’OXYVA biotech solution to the above recommended regimen can literally transform your physical condition and mental well-being, resulting in a total enhancement of your quality of life.


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