4 Holistic and Traditional Ways to Decrease Anxiety and Improve Overall Health

By Dr. Steven Gelbard, MD, Medical Director of ReLife Miami Institute

Anxiety can take over and leave you feeling like you have no control over your mental health. Your autonomic nervous system is impacted, causing you to have somatic complaints or symptoms when you experience anxiety. Medication can help reduce the severity of your response to anxiety, while supplements such as D’OXYVA can help regulate your autonomic nervous system through the process of microcirculation. Anxiety can be better managed when you look at both holistic and traditional treatment in order to deal with your symptoms.


1. Acupuncture and the Relief of Anxiety Symptoms

Acupuncture is a treatment that has been around for centuries in Eastern medicine. Your acupuncturist will talk to you about the symptoms you are trying to relieve through acupuncture and use specific pressure points to address your concerns. Acupuncture works on your energy meridians, and it is thought that when your energy is unblocked, your symptoms improve. Many people find relief through acupuncture for a wide range of health issues, including anxiety and other mental health diagnoses.

2. Autonomic Nervous System Regulation and Microcirculation

Your autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating functions of the body such as digestion, breathing, heart rate and urination. When you support your autonomic nervous system with supplements like D’OXYVA, the process of microcirculation brings the nutrients to your system to help keep your system in better control. If you experience anxiety with a rapid heart rate, D’OXYVA can help reduce this reaction in order to produce a less somatic response to anxiety triggers.


3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Anxiety

The use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is a common therapeutic approach to anxiety treatment. You work closely with a therapist to discuss thoughts and patterns of behavior that lead to negative symptoms. Together you develop better coping skills by addressing negative thoughts and learn how to change these thoughts into more positive ones. Therapy is an effective tool for anxiety when used in combination with other methodologies for nearly complete relief.

4. Deep Breathing and Meditation

When you focus on deep breathing, you can physically stop anxiety symptoms in their tracks. Your body produces cortisol, which is the stress response hormone that gets your heart rate up and sweat to break out. When you learn meditation, you learn ways to get better control of your breath. You will be taught deep breathing strategies to slow down your heart rate and get your autonomic nervous system back in control of your body.

Overall health can be improved when you adopt a routine exercise program and you focus on good nutrition to keep your body healthy. Pay attention to your caffeine intake when you have anxiety, and stay away from caffeine if your symptoms get worse. You can manage anxiety when:

  • You take therapies such as D’OXYVA to support your autonomic nervous system
  • Your nutrition is optimized for better overall health
  • Therapy is in place to work through triggers and teach you better coping skills
  • You try meditation and acupuncture to get control over your symptoms

Holistic and traditional therapies are both effective at managing the symptoms of anxiety. You don’t have to live with debilitating anxiety when you are able to support your overall health with a good diet, supplements, and the right therapy in place.

About The Author

Dr. Steven Gelbard,

MD is a Neurosurgeon that has been in practice in Florida for almost 30 years. He graduated from Tufts University School Of Medicine and then did additional training at NYU, Brown University and Harvard Medical School affiliated Hospitals, as well as other prestigious institutions. He holds several US patents for medical inventions and has worked with professional sports teams including the NHL Florida Panthers hockey team, the NFL Miami Dolphins football team, and the ABA Florida Pitbulls basketball team. He is currently the Medical Director of the ReLife Miami Institute.


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