Dr. Michael McGlamry: Diabetic patients and Covid-19

About Dr. Michael McGlamry

Forsyth Foot and Ankle Associates, Cumming, GA

Dr. McGlamry was born and raised in Atlanta. He graduated from Tucker High School in 1982, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with honors from The University of Florida. In 1991, he earned a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from The Penn. College of Podiatric Medicine/Temple University.

In 1991, he began his residency training in reconstructive surgery of the foot and leg at Northlake Regional Medical Center in Tucker. After completion, he started a practice in Gainesville, Fl where he practiced for 11 years.

Currently, he teaches at DeKalb Medical Center, with the residency program. He also teach on the post graduate level with the Podiatry Institute, and AO North America; both of which are renowned for their dedication to physicians’ education, and for the improvement of quality patient care.

In the middle of a global pandemic, like the one we’re living, it is very important to be able to assess risks and try to diminish their effects. Cardiovascular disease and neuropathy are two of the most relevant and impactful; that is why improving blood flow and tissue oxygenation is so important for improving the health outcomes of a COVID-19 infection.

People with diabetes, especially those over 65 years of age, have been shown to be affected more often and with greater severity by coronavirus infection. Diabetic patients, particularly those with more longstanding and poorly controlled disease, suffer from diminished oxygen-rich blood in their microcirculation, which may be a major risk factor for why COVID is so deadly for them. Reports from Chinese authorities and from top American institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, show that underlying cardiovascular disease is associated with an increased risk of in-hospital death for patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

1. How does Circularity’s transdermal device help diabetic patients with foot issues, potentially including COVID-19?

D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is a groundbreaking noninvasive, painless transdermal delivery system based on widely established, groundbreaking, Nobel Prize-winning science and is shown to increase oxygen-rich blood flow in the local microcirculatory system, which in turn leads to better blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation. The increased peripheral perfusion plays a significant role in enhancing the wound healing process, which may lead to a reduction in the influence of preexisting conditions in cases of a coronavirus infection.

D’OXYVA has shown significant promise for severe cases of diabetic foot ulcers. Its therapeutic effects have circulatory and neurological benefits as well.

2. Tell us about CO2, microcirculation, and its effects on the body, especially on diabetic patients.

D’OXYVA uses ultra-purified carbon dioxide (CO2), a naturally occurring nontoxic substance, which is delivered via the D’OXYVA noninvasive skin delivery system. The CO2 acts as a signaling agent for the body to help stimulate delivery of red blood cells loaded with fresh oxygen to the peripheral tissue. D’OXYVA’s over-the-skin route of administration has demonstrated a safer, more effective alternative route to inhalation — a routine CO2 delivery method in hospitals. Purified carbon dioxide is a nontoxic molecule and can be sold by Circularity over-the-counter (OTC) and online without the need for a prescription. Circularity’s products are manufactured in compliance with the highest standards.

Improved microcirculation leads to better tissue oxygenation and better heart function, as the heart does not need to exert extra force to propel the blood to all the organs of the body.

3. What have clinical trials shown about how this device helps diabetic patients, especially with foot problems?

Over two dozen studies have demonstrated convincing results at clinics and in homes with no adverse events. D’OXYVA has recorded significant results, delivering major outcomes for well over 90% of users. Studies of D’OXYVA have shown unmatched results in noninvasive wound care — particularly when all other approaches have failed. D’OXYVA provides an adjunct to accelerate comprehensive wound care programs and infection protection in a painless, affordable nonprescription solution that is available in a clinical setting or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

In an ongoing multiyear, multicountry, multicenter randomized clinical trial on patients with diabetic foot ulcers, D’OXYVA demonstrated hastened wound improvement and eventual wound closure in an average of 5 weeks**.

In addition, D’OXYVA eliminated pain and improved quality of life such as in regard to sleep, appetite, and mood in just a week in 100% of subjects.

No adverse events of any kind were reported during and for years after the studies.

4. As an Internist ­focused on prevention, what do you want diabetic patients to know about making their foot health a priority?

Microcirculation is often disregarded by diabetic patients, and I’d like to emphasize to them that microcirculation is important, especially in wound healing. In other words, microcirculation is the bridge between blood and single cells that supply oxygen and nutrients to human tissues, especially where it is needed the most. Without proper blood flow, their body will be prone to more complications, including the development of foot ulcers that could lead to amputation. Remember that having improved microcirculation and oxygenation promotes faster wound healing, promotes better performance, and enhances the renewal and replacement of damaged tissues.

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Why Use D'OXYVA?

World-renowned health experts say D’OXYVA® can help patients find relief especially from the most severe and complex underlying conditions in a few weeks. Overwhelming medical data show people with preexisting conditions, including diabetes, autoimmune, and cardiovascular complications may experience serious complications with COVID-19.

D’OXYVA significantly helps people and their pets by gently and quickly spraying a patented and patent-pending ultra-purified, supersaturated solution on the skin surface to achieve major health benefits for well over 90% of users. Experts call D’OXYVA a game-changer biotech.

Studies with D’OXYVA have shown unmatched results in noninvasive wound care. Anyone with an underlying condition should know this option is available.

Dr. Michael McGlamry