How Improving Your Blood Circulation Makes You Smarter

Written by: Dr. Ubaid khan Afridi, Pediatric Surgeon

It is often suggested that smarter people have a bigger brain size than the rest of us; however, it is not their brain size but the amount of blood circulation through their brain that makes them smarter. Studies have shown that the major difference in the brain of the people who lived before the individuals and us today is that it has used more energy and requires more blood to accommodate for the high intellectual demands. This suggests that blood circulation plays an important role in the brain of someone with a high IQ, and an improvement in blood circulation by various methods may have the potential to make someone smarter over time.(1)

Why Does The Brain Require Blood Circulation To Function?

The brain is an aerobic structure that requires oxygen-rich blood at all times. It does not have the ability to store glucose like other structures of the body, to use it as a source of energy, and hence completely relies on the fresh nutrients brought by the blood constantly.(2) The components of the blood which help the brain function are glucose and oxygen, which are both used to produce energy in the form of ATP molecules. This energy produced is then used to accommodate various cellular activities inside the brain that helps us think, concentrate, and remember.(3) The importance of blood circulation for the brain can be asses by the fact that conditions where the oxygen supply is cut to the body, or the individual has a lowered blood circulation, the vessels inside the brain undergo immediate and intense vasodilation so that the majority of the blood is directed to the brain and it is allowed to keep functioning properly.(4)

Blood Circulation and Intelligence

An individual who is smarter and has a higher IQ than the rest has a greater energy requirement for their brain, as it is working harder than an individual with a lower IQ. The increased energy requirements allow the brain to undergo complex thinking and learning. Fossils of previous civilizations have shown that as an individual grew older and became more mature, so did the size of the arteries found inside the brain, which depicts an increased blood supply.

Moreover, experts believe that the blood circulation of our brain during resting states (when we are not studying or using our brain to concentrate or memorize something) is a crucial determiner of our over intelligence. One such study conducted by Hagberg and Ingvar showed that individuals who had reduced abilities to remember things in the long term have a reduced blood circulation to the grey matter of their brain.(5)

Another study which was conducted to investigate the effects of resting blood flow to the brain and intelligence of the individual, showed similar results. It was seen that higher blood circulation in the regions of the brain which are concerned with memory and learning in resting states resulted in higher intelligence levels of the individual. This is because even when we are not using our brain vigorously, it still requires a high blood supply filled with energy and nutrients to help it maintain the cortical cell structures.

Ways to Improve the Blood Circulation Of The Brain

Exercise For Blood Circulation

Exercise has the ability to boost the blood flow all over the body as it allows the movement of muscles and tissues everywhere. The increased activity of the body in someone who practices exercises regularly will lead to greater perfusion of cells everywhere, including the brain as well. Experts believe that by moving the arms and legs of one side of the body vigorously during exercise, you are able to increase the blood circulation of the opposite side of the brain.(6)

Multivitamin Rich Diets For Blood Circulation

Diets rich in certain multivitamins and minerals may also be able to increase the overall blood circulation of the body. Studies show that individuals who take diets rich in components like Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids are more likely to have a higher flow of blood through their brain and improved vascular health. This may also aid in preventing the onset of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.(7)

Deoxyhemoglobin Vasodilator (D’OXYVA) Circulation Applicator For Blood Circulation

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