A Shocking Simple Solution to Improve the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can affect both self-esteem and skin health. Many treatments exist to help eliminate facial lines and wrinkles and to improve overall facial aesthetics. The following is a case involving Aretha, who was a 72-year-old female patient with severe, deep lines, loose skin, and wrinkles on her face.

Aretha worked as a realtor before retiring, and she enjoyed playing golf and going to the beach.

As a teenager and young adult, Aretha often spent hours tanning in the sun.

She also frequented tanning salons in her hometown.

Aretha expressed a desire to have a more youthful appearance of her face and neck.

Her past medical history was significant for type 2 diabetes mellitus, which was well controlled on oral medications, as well as well-controlled high blood pressure.

She also had a history of smoking one pack of cigarettes per day since she was 15.

Aretha presented with very lax skin on her face and neck.

She also had deep creases around her mouth and nose with excess fat and skin under her chin.

After a 2-week twice a day D’OXYVA[1] application for 5 days a week, a 2-week application once a day for 5 days a week, and a final 2-week application once a day for 3 days a week, Aretha had the following results:

  • Tightening of her loose and sagging facial skin
  • Reduction of drooping cheeks around her jawline
  • Decreased drooping of the corners of her mouth
  • Reduction of creases between her cheeks and lips
  • Reduction of fine lines around her eyes and lips

Structure of the Skin

The skin[2] and its structures are known as the integumentary system.

The top layer of the skin is called the epidermis, and it is composed of keratinized squamous epithelial cells.

This layer has a protective function, is impervious to water and contains no blood vessels.

The next layer of the skin is called the dermis, and it contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles and sweat glands.

The hypodermis is the layer below the dermis, and it contains fat cells that are highly vascularized.

Microcirculation of the Skin

Microcirculation refers to the smallest blood vessels in the body.

This includes the arterioles, the venules and the capillaries.

The skin’s microcirculation[3] (also known as cutaneous microcirculation) consists of 2 horizontal vascular plexuses.

The first vascular horizontal microcirculation plexus is located approximately 1 to 1.5 mm below the skin’s surface.

The second vascular horizontal microcirculation plexus is located at the junction of the dermis and the hypodermis.

Ascending arterioles and descending venules are paired together and connect these two plexuses.

The dermal venules remove waste products from the skin.

The dermal arterioles supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Most of the skin’s microcirculation is located 1 to 2 mm under its surface.

D’OXYVA Application to Improve the Microcirculation of the Skin

D’OXYVA is a noninvasive over-the-skin deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator that delivers a vapor of pharmaceutical-grade CO2 and water to the peripheral microcirculation.

This vapor is delivered through the placement of the D’OXYVA device over the thumb for a 5-minute period.

The CO2 then travels into the microcirculation of the skin, where it causes a vasodilation that leads to increased perfusion.

This then improves oxygenation and removal of toxins from the skin, which improves both the health of the skin and its general appearance.


The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can affect self-esteem and skin health. D’OXYVA application can improve sagging skin and wrinkles without the risks associated with more invasive surgical treatments such as face-lifts.


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D’OXYVA is the only fully noninvasive, completely painless over-the-skin microcirculatory solution that has been validated to significantly improve microcirculation.

The improvement of microcirculation, i.e., blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits one’s health, immune system and overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways.


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Dr. Michael McGlamry