World-Famous Institute in Miami Has Reopened as ReLife Miami Institute Under the New Leadership of Famed Neurosurgeon Dr. Gelbard, Funding Led by Circularity Healthcare

The World-famous Institute in Miami, which specialized in cosmetic and plastic surgery as well as anti-aging and wellness treatments and catered to such famous celebrities as Kim Kardashian, has reopened as ReLife Miami Institute under the new leadership of famed neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Gelbard. ReLife Miami Institute is a private Florida Domestic Profit Corporation located at 1441 Brickell Avenue, Sky Lobby Suite, within the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, Florida.

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LOS ANGELES, October 24, 2019

ReLife Miami Institute™, which offers the latest in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine through its ReLife Stem Cell Institute℠ as well as neurosurgical, orthopedic and pain management services, is now under the leadership of Steven Gelbard, MD a physician licensed in the state of Florida and board certified by the American Board of Hospital Physicians.

Dr. Gelbard is a leading neurosurgeon who has been practicing medicine in South Florida for over 20 years. He specializes in treating disorders of the brain, including bleeding in the brain, head and spinal trauma, neurological tumors, spinal disorders, and infections of the brain.

“I perform a number of procedures, including microsurgery, laser surgery, lumbar laminectomy, cervical laminectomy, evaluation and treatment of injuries to the brain and spine surgery for trauma to the brain and spine, reconstructive spinal surgery … as well as many other surgical procedures. We conduct a 360-degree patient-centric evaluation and create a treatment plan with a dream team comprised of medical, nutritional, and wellness experts.” —said Dr. Gelbard.

He received his medical degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and completed a surgical internship at New York University. Dr. Gelbard then graduated from the University of Vermont Neurosurgical Residency Program. Subsequently, he received additional training in neurosurgery and neurology at Brown University and Harvard University.

Dr. Gelbard has been granted several US patents for surgical instruments and has authored many publications in medical journals, including the Journal of Neurosurgery. Since 1991, Dr. Gelbard has operated a very successful private practice in a neurosurgery surgical center.

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About ReLife Miami Institute

ReLife Miami Institute, LLC™ offers the latest in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine through its ReLife Stem Cell Institute℠. It continues the long and successful history of the world-famous institute in Miami, offering plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetic products, IV therapy, dental surgery, sexual wellness, hair restoration, hormone replacement, anti-aging treatments and wellness counseling. ReLife Miami Institute is located inside the 5-star Four Seasons Miami hotel in Miami, Florida.

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