Circularity Healthcare with Humana Medical’s Health Care & Co. Announces D’OXYVA Hong Kong & Macau Landmark Product Launch

Addressing urgent and increased health issues related to pandemic lockdowns and beyond.

PASADENA, Calif., Feb. 3, 2021 – Circularity Healthcare, makers of D’OXYVA® —an emerging biotech world leader in proprietary circulatory health and noninvasive drug delivery technologies—announces its launch in Hong Kong and Macau in partnership with Health Care & Co. after three and a half years of local market research and development to make D’OXYVA® available for consumers.

As the first phase of the product roll-out, people in Hong Kong and Macau will find D’OXYVA® in all of Health Care & Co.’s branded specialty retail stores: Medimart (medical and nursing products), Holos (health and wellness products) and Happy Walking (foot care products)—a total of 27 shops around Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is emerging as a magnet for prosperous consumers who are prioritizing health over wealth. With the pandemic the world is facing right now, life has been stressful and unhealthy. We work too much, spend too much time indoors for safety, see our friends and loved ones too little, eat terribly and don’t exercise as much as we should. Everyone has been on the lookout for innovations to keep them healthy.

D’OXYVA® is a handheld device, the first biotech solution of its kind backed by widely established, groundbreaking, Nobel Prize-winning science validated to significantly improve macro- and microcirculation. It can also improve certain nerve activities in the body, such as in the autonomic nervous system, which is widely reported to form an effective solution option for many of the most severe and widespread health conditions.

“Hong Kong has always been an interesting market for Circularity’s D’OXYVA® considering its demographics; there’s a large international, diverse population that comes and goes, bringing with it a demand for global health and wellness trends, and people are on search for new effective ways to keep their health in the best state,” explains Mr. Norbert Kiss, President and CEO of Circularity Healthcare.

Health Care & Co. has been in the industry for a long time, providing an extensive range of high-quality medical supplies and equipment to their clients. “We are excited to be partnering with Circularity Healthcare and making D’OXYVA® locally available here in Hong Kong, as we always envision being the market leader in providing solution-based health care products,” says Cynthia Ng, Purchasing Supervisor for Health Care & Co.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for D’OXYVA® to help the Hong Kong community in improving their health. D’OXYVA® has proven itself especially effective for the most at-risk and complex cases in over three dozen human studies during its nearly decade-long clinical research and real-life results in over two dozen countries,” says Jennifer Boadilla-Pelaez, Circularity Healthcare Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Creative Director, RN.

About Circularity Healthcare, LLC

Circularity Healthcare, LLC, headquartered in Los Angeles, California in the U.S., is an emerging world leader in proprietary circulatory health and noninvasive delivery technologies, committed to helping significantly improve lives by developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer health products. Circularity specializes in groundbreaking noninvasive technologies for affordable and portable transdermal delivery systems, and is pursuing regulatory approvals worldwide for device usage as a treatment of disease states related to cardiovascular and microcirculatory blood flow, immunological and autonomic nervous system disorders.

About Health Care & Co.

We are a medical supply company established in Hong Kong in 1979. Over the years, we have gained our reputation by successfully introducing new medical supplies and equipment from overseas to Hong Kong and Macau. Our vision is to be the market leader in providing solution-based health care products with excellent service. “Bring better body balance” is our motto. Providing an extensive range of high-quality medical supplies and equipment to our clients is our goal.

For more information, please visit or and send your general inquiries via the Contact Us page. For specific inquiries contact Circularity Customer Care at info(at)doxyva(dot)com info(at)circularityhealthcare(dot)com or by phone toll free at 1-855-5DOXYVA or at 1-626-240-0956.

Forward-Looking Information

This press release may contain forward-looking information. This includes, or may be based upon, estimates, forecasts and statements as to management’s expectations with respect to, among other things, the quality of the products of Circularity Healthcare, LLC, its resources, progress in development, demand, and market outlook for non-invasive transdermal delivery medical devices. Forward-looking information is based on the opinions and estimates of management at the date the information is given and is subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those initially projected. These factors include the inherent risks involved in the launch of a new medical device, innovation and market acceptance uncertainties, fluctuating components and other advanced material prices, new federal or state governmental regulations, the possibility of project cost overruns or unanticipated costs and expenses, uncertainties relating to the availability and costs of financing needed in the future and other factors. The forward-looking information contained herein is given as of the date hereof and Circularity Healthcare, LLC assumes no responsibility to update or revise such information to reflect new events or circumstances, except as required by law. Circularity Healthcare, LLC makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of this press release and shall have no liability for any representations (expressed or implied) for any statement made herein, or for any omission from this press release.

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Why Use D'OXYVA?

World-renowned health experts say D’OXYVA® can help patients find relief especially from the most severe and complex underlying conditions in a few weeks. Overwhelming medical data show people with preexisting conditions, including diabetes, autoimmune, and cardiovascular complications may experience serious complications with COVID-19.

D’OXYVA significantly helps people and their pets by gently and quickly spraying a patented and patent-pending ultra-purified, supersaturated solution on the skin surface to achieve major health benefits for well over 90% of users. Experts call D’OXYVA a game-changer biotech.

Studies with D’OXYVA have shown unmatched results in noninvasive wound care. Anyone with an underlying condition should know this option is available.

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