Circularity Healthcare Joins Springer Publishing Company, Daily Nurse, and Minority Nurse In Recognizing Nurses and Giving Back

In these uncertain times, we must recognize and promote our nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Circularity Healthcare is finding ways to share in recognizing those who deserve recognition.

“We’ve been on the lookout for publishers we can partner with who have the same goal as ours; that is, to help our front liners. In our participation with Springer Publishing’s Nurses’ Week 2020, we want to spread the message that D’OXYVA is readily available for them to keep them protected by boosting their immune system and by providing armor against infection,” said Jennifer Boadilla-Pelaez, Circularity Healthcare’s Senior Sales and Marketing Manager and Creative Director.

Last May, Springer Publishing Company launched its Nurses’ Week 2020 issue to help support and recognize nurses who are leading via change. In this special issue presented by Springer Publishing Company, Daily Nurse, and Minority Nurse, we’ll hear from frontline nurses, nurse researchers, and nurse educators to learn how they lead during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Circularity showed their support by securing a 2-page advertorial for this issue and showcased how to help front liners stay healthy during these uncertain times via its latest article discussing a new clinical trial involving Circularity’s already FDA-approved drug and IDE device D’OXYVA®, which could significantly increase the recovery rate for COVID-19 patients with underlying health conditions and save lives! Circularity has also been calling out all doctors and nurses that Circularity is accepting D’OXYVA donation requests.

(Read the full issue here:

20% of all proceeds will be donated to the GLO GOOD Foundation, who have joined with the Society of Nurse Scientists Innovators Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL) to launch an urgent call-to-action to move personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, including vital respirator masks, to frontline health-care providers for COVID-19 patients.

About Springer Publishing

Springer Publishing is an award-winning publisher of health-care and behavioral sciences content, featuring books, apps, journals, and digital products. With an acute understanding of how educators teach, how practitioners work, and how students learn, we design our digital and print products for optimal outcomes for learners, patients, and clients. We’ve been proudly educating people in the health-care and helping professions for over 70 years.

Circularity Healthcare's editorial team consists of professional writers, internationally-renowned medical doctors, scientists, business executives and other experts who are working tirelessly delivering cutting-edge health knowledge for you.

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