Why Microcirculation is the Key to Good Health

Why microcirculation is the key to good health? Your circulatory system keeps you alive every moment of every day. The heart muscles pump blood throughout a complex network of vessels throughout the entire body to deliver nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to the tissues. This is so essential that this process being halted (also known as cardiac arrest) can result in death in mere minutes.


Most people realize this, but what most people don’t realize is that circulatory health is about much more than just the heart and major blood vessels. The extensive network of the small microvascular vessels branching off of the major pathways are just as important. It’s been shown by F. DeLano from the University of California that 70-90% of blood flow takes part in microcirculation throughout these tiny vessels1.


Small Vessels With a Big Job


The extensive network of the microcirculatory system is what allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to localized areas, which is essential for the health and function of all tissues. This is precisely why the health of even the smallest blood vessels is so essential2.


Unfortunately, many illnesses including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and fibromyalgia can all impair this function3. These are prevalent issues affecting millions of people worldwide, so solutions are greatly needed.


There are several lifestyle modifications that can help support better microvascular circulation. This includes regular exercise, reducing stress as much as possible, restricting alcohol intake, not smoking, eating a balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight4.


However, these solutions aren’t possible for everyone to attain, and they sometimes don’t give effective enough results on their own; particularly for those who have highly progressed circulatory impairment.


Because of this, another solution is needed to be used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle modifications. Thus far, the handheld pain-relief and microvascular health optimizing device from D’Oxyva® has proven to be one with an exceptional safety and efficacy record that is currently available on the market5.


D’Oxyva Health Technology for Microvascular Health


The D’Oxyva® biotechnology has been studied by medical experts in various prestigious institutions across the US for a decade with extremely promising results. It’s been shown to effectively improve several factors of microvascular health as well as autonomic nervous system functioning.


An astounding 97% of study participants using D’Oxyva® reported major improvements in their health and several thousand customers worldwide have now tried D’Oxyva to help treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy, and even more concerns to improve their overall well-being.


How it Works


The underlying mechanism for how it works has to do with both its contents and its delivery method. The device delivers highly purified carbon dioxide vapor to the skin using technology that makes it highly absorbent. This sets into place a chain of events that support red and white blood cell production which then produces more oxygenated blood.


The blood flow improvements can help reduce blood pressure, address chronic pain, stimulate the healing “rest and digest” state from the parasympathetic nervous system, and improve sleep and mood quality6.


While there’s never a single quick fix to any ailment, incorporating D’Oxyva® into your treatment plan is a low-risk option to improve your symptoms while tackling the root of the health issue in combination with any other treatment.


With regular D’Oxyva® use, healthy lifestyle modifications and guidance from a healthcare professional, you can give yourself the best shot at becoming your healthiest self. These are just some the key reasons why microcirculation is the key to good health.



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