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Get the Solution for Improved Circulation with Industry-Leading Benefits & Live Life to the Fullest Pain & Symptom Free!


$118 per box monthly for six (6) months + free shipping, instead of $139 + shipping

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What you can expect:

✔ Clinically-proven, topical spray, full-body benefits, non-prescription

✔ Lasting relief of severe chronic pain in under 3 WEEKS, underlying chronic complications in 4-8 WEEKS

✔ Remove appearance of severe spider and varicose veins

✔ Significantly boost stamina, speed up chronic, burn, trauma wound healing, and much more


Limited-Time Offer!

To celebrate the recent launch of a collaboration with one of America’s largest nonprofit hospital systems, we’re so glad to announce a major offer for everyone until August 31, 2022. Learn more and get the best deal you’ll ever get.


Instead of the standard full online retail price of $139 plus shipping fees, now get the D’OXYVA® EasyTwist Cartridges™ (box of 25) for $118 for 15% less, delivered to you monthly for six (6) straight months with free shipping, a $35 value.



A box of 25 D’OXYVA cartridge supplies made exclusively for use with D’OXYVA could last a week, a couple of weeks or a whole month depending on health and athletic performance goals, and severity of condition.

D’OXYVA is now available under test-marketing status with a limited-time offer. Click here and watch Dr. Lee C. Rogers, Medical Director at the Amputation Prevention Centers of America quickly explain how it works.

Eighteen of the twenty top-ranked U.S. universities are involved in expanded pivotal human trials, while top physicians recommend D’OXYVA‘s advanced circulation health solutions for spider veins, varicose veins, chronic pain, and mild-to-severe diabetic, cardiovascular, autoimmune and other serious complications and health emergencies (press release).

Simply put, this patented and patent-pending solution for improved circulation is underpinned by Nobel-winning science to optimize oxygen-balanced blood circulation, beneficial nerve activities and vein structure rejuvenation to exceptional levels with zero adverse event reports, based on results collected for over a decade.

Generally, health professionals recommend always starting with 2x daily for the initial two weeks then just 1-2x daily for another 2-4 weeks based on results that can easily be measured with most common diagnostic tools, such as a fingertip pulse oximeter that records peripheral blood flow (perfusion index), or a blood pressure or glucose meter. You can optimize frequency of use after reaching desired health goals to stay healthy. Individual results may vary.

Get your cartridge supplies and significantly improve your circulation of blood flow, microcirculation, and beneficial nerve functions and bring your body’s functions back to homeostasis with each daily 5-minute gentle application on your skin with an exceptional safety & efficacy profile.

D’OXYVA‘s elegant circulation health solution was designed for everyone who wants to live life to the fullest, pain free & healthy. There’s nothing like D’OXYVA!


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Cancellation Policy: By starting your Autoship-Autopay Program you will be locked in for a special price of $118 with free shipping (instead of $139 + $35 shipping) per box of supplies for six (6) consecutive months. Cancellation request is subject to approval, submission of proof of purchase required, improvements of blood flow in microcirculation (perfusion index) measured from absolute baseline prior taking D’OXYVA. Upon approval by Circularity, cancellation will only apply to future orders from the date of cancellation request, while you’re responsible for paying for the difference of the used-up (empty) cartridges calculated with its online price (MSRP – manufacturer standard retail price).


Warning! Tampering with and misusing gas cartridges and cylinders in any way carries a maximum penalty of up to five (5) years in federal prison and a five-hundred-thousand-dollar ($500,000) fine, with similar laws in place in most countries around the world.

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