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A collaboration with one of America’s largest nonprofit hospital systems, Banner Health was recently expanded to help as many people as possible in their homes as fast as possible, at no cost to people. Plus, everyone gets a little extra money! People really love this program and the major benefits they realize in just a few weeks.

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We’ve got some extra cash and a new risk-free groundbreaking home health program for you via a collaboration involving one of America’s largest nonprofit hospital systems!

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We know people always take things more seriously when they invest in any health care program, while wanting to make sure it is benefiting them. In this special program, participants will be getting back even more money (111%) as a test-marketing fee in just a month after paying a discounted price for their product set at the time of placing an order exclusively on our website.

Anyone can just apply the twenty percent (20%) discount coupon (BANNER) during checkout when placing an order on our website ( to enter this program.

Why Enter This Home Care Program?

To celebrate the recent private launch of a collaboration between one of America’s largest nonprofit hospital systems, Banner Health and Circularity Healthcare, if you or anyone else you know is interested in helping people in need, this special program is available in the next few weeks until August 31, 2022, because our company, Circularity Healthcare is making an aggressive marketing push for its groundbreaking D’OXYVA® brand to reach and help as many people as possible either suffering with severe health conditions, including post-acute Covid or ‘Long Covid’, or boosting their active lifestyle to new heights.

How to Enter?

Simply purchase any product set exclusively on our website ( and receive a test-marketing fee equal to one hundred and eleven percent (111%) of the total purchase amount in just a month. Yes, that’s correct: 111% in 4 weeks!

Your Payout!

Your fee is either paid out in the form of a discount coupon you can use to purchase our products or eVisa gift card emailed to you that you need to specify in the order notes under ‘How did you hear about us?’ on our checkout page. Your fee will be paid in two (2) separate payments within thirty (30) business days from the date of your purchase. Just make sure you apply the 20% discount coupon (BANNER) and specify your payout details (coupon or gift card) on the checkout page.

Product Delivery!

Products are estimated to be delivered to virtually any address in 2 to 4 weeks. Anyone can donate their products to people in need as well; simply designate any shipping address during checkout or inform us within 72 hours from the time of successful order placed via our main customer service email (

Need to Consult With a Top Health Expert?

Ask for your complementary consultation at no cost to you with top doctors and scientists about your specific health concerns from post-acute Covid or ‘Long Covid’ and diabetes to various severe and even so-called incurable, rare underlying conditions, and comorbidities. Whether you are a pro or casual athlete, this is certainly going to be a game-changer for you too, regardless of your age or current condition.

Now, you can get the health care boost you need and deserve in the comfort of your home with an amazing experience, affordable option, and exceptional results.

Take care!

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Why Use D'OXYVA?

Experts say D’OXYVA® can help patients find relief. Overwhelming medical data shows people with preexisting conditions, including diabetes may experience serious complications with COVID-19.

D’OXYVA significantly helps people and their pets by gently and quickly spraying a patented and patent-pending ultra-purified, supersaturated solution on the skin surface to achieve major health benefits for well over 90% of users.

Experts call D’OXYVA a game-changer biotech. “Studies with D’OXYVA have shown unmatched results in noninvasive wound care. Anyone with an underlying condition should know this option is available.” – Dr. Michael McGlamry

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