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An interview with Dr. Geoffrey Watson: Diabetic patients and Covid-19

About Dr. Geoffrey Watson

Watson Wellness Center in Oakland, CA

A native and resident of Oakland, California, Geoffrey Watson obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from the University of California at Davis and a medical degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Watson completed two years of his medical residency at the Vanderbilt Medical Center with his final year of medical residency completed at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco. In 1985, Dr. Watson started his medical career in Oakland as a specialist in the art of Internal Medicine working as a staff physician at the Arlington Medical Center alongside his father, Dr. James A. Watson.

Dr. Watson has a special interest in education and has earned the position of Director of Continuing Medical Education at Fairmont Hospital in San Leandro and Alameda County Medical Center of the East Bay. In 1992, as a Board Certified Internist, his love for teaching and medical education has earned him a position as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the U.C.S.F. Medical Center. Also in 1992, as the Co-Medical Director of the Arlington Medical Center, Dr. Watson became a key player in the Oakland community as a leader in managed care and positioned himself as a Founding Member of the Alta Bates Medical Associates. He developed medical groups, leading the way in managed care, and helped to organize a merger of prominent physicians resulting in a powerful African American Primary Care Group geared towards serving the needs of African Americans in the East Bay, including the development of preventive care programs focused in the areas of hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse and weight control.

Dr. Watson has served as the Secretary for the Sinkler Miller Medical and the Golden State Medical Associations during 1994. In May, 1997, he was inaugurated into office as President of the Golden State Medical Association and served through 1998. From 1996 through 1997 he has been honored with serving as the President of the Sinkler Miller Medical Association of the East Bay. On March 1, 1997, Dr. Watson established a new medical facility, The James A. Watson Wellness Center, a legacy of his father, moving his practice to Pill Hill and continuing to provide high quality and sensitive care to patients by treating the physical, socioeconomic, spiritual and psychological ailments and employing medical and practical solutions with hopes of resulting in complete wellness.

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1. What should patients with diabetes know about COVID-19 and how it may affect them?

Those people who are at the highest risks of contracting covid-19, are those over the age 65, have heart disease, liver disorders, diabetes and other underlying health issues. Because it effects the immune system and compromises the bodies natural defenses fight off infections, it is critical for a person with diabetes to have good blood flow circulation, reducing the chance of infection, ulcers and at worse case amputations.

2. How does Circularity’s  over-the-counter (OTC) transdermal device helps patients with foot issues, potentially including COVID?

D’OXYVA®  (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is validated to significantly improve macro- and micro-circulation of blood flow and certain nerve activities in the body, which together are widely reported to form an effective non-invasive, pain-free solution option for many conditions. It provides accelerated and comprehensive wound care — plus infection protection — in a painless, affordable non-prescription solution available in a clinical setting, or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

D’OXYVA has shown significant promise for severe cases of diabetic foot ulcers. Its therapeutic effects have circulatory and neurological benefits as well.

3. Tell us about CO2, microcirculation, and its effects on the body.

D’OXYVA uses ultra-purified carbon dioxide, which has been shown to produce higher oxygen unloading by hemoglobin, thereby increasing oxygen-rich blood flow in the local microcirculatory system. This improved dermal microcirculation leads, in turn, to enhanced wound healing.

Good blood circulation has many important health benefits. Among the most prominent is the optimal oxygenation of bodily tissues and organs, which allows for efficient functioning of the heart, lungs and muscles. Active blood circulation also improves the immune response against disease by allowing the better transportation of white blood cells throughout the body. Furthermore, proper blood circulation improves cellular detoxification, while waste removal becomes more efficient. Among its other health benefits, D’OXYVA® has been also validated as a successful means of improving the autonomic nervous system.

4. What have clinical trials shown about how this device helps patients, especially diabetics with foot problems?

Studies with D’OXYVA have shown increased oxygen concentration and lower carbon dioxide concentration in the blood just 30 minutes after treatment that can last upto 60 minutes. Over two dozen studies demonstrated convincing results at clinics and at home with no adverse events.

Many treatments make bold online claims to help cure various conditions and restore you to health — pills, shots, creams, procedures, and devices. But only science-backed, one-of-a-kind D’OXYVA stands alone, delivering the remarkable physical, mental, and emotionally rejuvenating results.

5. As a Internist ­focused on prevention, what do you want diabetics to know about making their foot health a priority?

The heart is the engine that makes the body function. The foot though a far distance from the heart requires consistent blood flow. It requires open pathways. If those pathways are constricted, which is fairly normal occurrence with diabetic patients, those areas have a tendency to die off, because of the poor blood circulation. That is why it is key to some type of vasodilation to promote microcirculatory blood flow to supply adequate oxygenation the the feet. There by likely helping to prevent infections, ulcers and wounds.

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How a New OTC Medical Device Backed by Nobel Prize-winning Science Can Protect You by Targeting Underlying Conditions

treat underlying condition in covid patients

Patients dealing with underlying health issues, including diabetes and chronic heart conditions, as well as COVID-19, may find fast and painless relief from an over the counter (OTC) device.

An easy-to-use , commercially-available device, D’OXYVA (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) by Circularity Healthcare, LLC, delivers transdermal ultra-purified medical gas directly to the blood stream and body tissues that are low in oxygen-rich blood flow.

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The handheld, lightweight device – which promotes  the rest and digest functions of the autonomic nervous system  and the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels, known as microcirculation – has demonstrated over years of studies and user feedback great efficacy in treating a number of health issues, including treating and closing so-called non-healing diabetic wounds. 

D’OXYVA has shown significant promise for severe cases of diabetic foot ulcers,” says Dr. Michael McGlamry, a podiatrist in Georgia.

He says the device helps increase oxygen-rich blood flow in the local microcirculatory system, leading to better blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation.  

“Improved microcirculation leads to better tissue oxygenation and better heart function, as the heart does not need to exert extra force to bring the blood to all the organs of the body,” says Dr. McGlamry.

Wound healing

Foot wounds are a significant concern for diabetics: 15% will develop a foot ulcer, and 14-24% of individuals with a foot ulcer, will need amputation.  

Dr. Felix Sigal, a Los Angeles podiatrist, says this device is a game changer.

“Transdermal delivery of carbon dioxide has therapeutic effects on both the microcirculation and tissue oxygenation,” he says. “By improving tissue oxygenation and microcirculation, studies have shown greater progress in wound healing with respect to wound size and area of injury.”

The device was evaluated over eight years and three dozen human studies where zero adverse effects were reported. The CO₂ is approved by the FDA for anesthesia and oxygen therapy as a non-toxic, simple molecule under the Medical Gas Safety Act of 2012. It’s in the final phase of getting a combination device-drug approval. 

“D’OXYVA has recorded significant results, delivering major outcomes for well over 90% of users,” says Dr. McGlamry. 

Applications for COVID-19 patients

The device may help improved blood flow and tissue oxygenation for people with COVID-19 . Patients most at risk for the novel coronavirus include those over 65 who have heart disease, liver disorders, diabetes or other underlying health issues.

“Because it affects the immune system and compromises the body’s natural defenses fight off infections, it is critical for a person with diabetes to have good blood flow circulation, reducing the chance of infection, ulcers and at worst case amputations,” says Dr. Geoffrey Watson, who specializes in chronic care management in Oakland, California.

He says while the heart is a far distance from the foot, the foot relies on the heart for consistent blood flow, requiring open pathways. Often those pathways are constricted in diabetics, resulting in poor blood circulation

Dr. Watson says vasodilation is essential, “to promote microcirculatory blood flow to supply adequate oxygenation the feet, thereby likely helping to prevent infections, ulcers and wounds.” 

Clinical Trial

Circularity Healthcare’s Phase 3 clinical trial — which involves the use of an FDA-approved drug in addition to IDE device D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator), a non-toxic, non-invasive  transdermal drug delivery device — is poised to help the most at-risk coronavirus patients experiencing complications due to diabetes, poor circulation, hypertension, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. 

“Further studies are needed but this device has the potential to prevent symmetrical peripheral gangrene, a limb threatening complication of COVID-19,” says Dr. Sigal, who is helping conduct the D’OXYVA Phase 3 diabetic foot ulcer clinical trials.

This clinical trial represents the first biotech solution to improve a patient’s overall oxygen-rich blood flow. 

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