Jonathan, 30-year-old hiker shares his amazing experience on how D’OXYVA helped improve his overall health and gives him the same energy he had 10 years ago!

A mother who only wishes to have more energy to go through the day shares her experience on how D’OXYVA has helped not just her but her whole family.

“This is a revolutionary hand held device that delivers CO2 into the body in a molecular form. It increases oxygen levels to areas that need it. I was recommended by someone to be somewhat of a Guinea pig for my chronic illness (rheumatoid arthritis). 

I was amazed at how the swelling and stiffness in my joints went away and I had more energy! 

The best part is they market this product also for its beauty benefits. It can help with acne, wrinkles, spider veins, stretch marks and cellulite! Check out Circularity!” –Jesse Golden, Viva Glam Magazine, United States

“I was introduced to the concept of D’Oxyva through a fellow hairdresser friend of mine. I’ve use this product for severel years now as an assurance along with a new diet and exercise regime focused on reducing inflammation and overall health. Combined I lost 40lbs and was able to get off my high blood pressure meds. 

Also a hair dresser for 40 years and still working behind the chair, my legs suffered sime consequences, using D’Oxyva certainly has helped with all the spider veins and I certainly have no discomfort when standing all day.

Thanks again D’Oxyva for a true revolutionary product.” – Scot Clark, United States

“I suffered a major injury to my ankle requiring surgery. After getting the recommended dosage from Jennifer I was able to incorporate my treatments in line with what my doctor had me doing. A week after surgery I noticed the swelling was reduced significantly as well as noticeable improve of my incisions. I was able to decrease the dosage of my pain medication after only 4 days and ultimately was able to completely remove myself from the prescription pain medication after 7 days. My prescription was for 14 days. After each solution I noticed a significant decrease in blood pressure as well as arise in my oxygen levels in my bloodstream. At the 2-week Mark I was able to start walking without the aid of my crutches. I honestly believe that the use of D’OXYVA significantly decreased my recovery time and allowed me to return to work 3 weeks sooner than my doctor anticipated. I would recommend this product to anyone dad wants to speed up recovery from injuries or surgery.” – Marcus T., United States

“I have been using the D’oxyva for years. The varicose veins on my legs doesn’t show as much or at all. I don’t have to stretch in the morning, it gives me more energy during the day. Love it!” –Kate H., United States

“I am from Malaysia and have been using D’Oxyva for about six months already. When I started using it I had sleep problem as sometimes I could not sleep well or even if I managed to sleep in the technical sense I felt lethargic in the day time. Since using D’Oxyva, my sleep has vastly improved and I feel more energetic in the day time and can concentrate on my work more than I could have managed all this time. My memory has also improved a lot. Thanks for D’ Oxyva for bringing a better change to my health, stamina and productivity. I think everyone should use this product wherher for curing blood circulatory related disease or for enhancement of his bodily functions to improve productivity.” –Joohean, Malaysia

My heartfelt thank you to Circularity management for their support before and after my heart attack. I firmly believe the collateral capillaries that have formed on my heart, bypassing the damage, is a direct result of my using the Circularity system. I’m very happy to report an increase from 15% to an estimated 30% in the injection fraction number( I believe that is the correct name) that has occurred since I left the hospital. The generous gift of solution cartridges has allowed me to increase my daily usage to 2-3 times per day and the cardiologist now says I may be a candidate for bypass surgery. I will keep the company informed of my progress. Again THANK YOU CIRCULARITY for making it possible for me to write this letter.” – Loyd Rhodes, Sacramento, CA United States



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