The microcirculation and its measurement in sepsis
The Microcirculation in Sepsis
Cause of Sepsis - Induced lung injury
Detecting Sepsis Early

Your Body’s Shield Against Sepsis and Shock

D’OXYVA® reverses* the dangers of septic shock by providing your body armor against infection.

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your armor against infection

Sepsis at the Microcirculatory Level

Sepsis — whether it appears in your skin, lungs, or urinary tract — is an extreme response to an infection that triggers a chain reaction throughout your body.

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While an infection can lead to sepsis in almost anyone, according to (CDC) Centers for Disease Control or Prevention, certain people are at a higher risk — particularly adults 65 and older.
Those with a weakened immune system; those with chronic diabetes, lung disease, cancer, and kidney disease; and, children 1 year or younger.
Those patients who use D’OXYVA daily notice a marked increase in microcirculation and oxygen absorption at the cellular level, reversing the onset of advanced infection and successfully inhibiting the chance of sepsis and resulting shock.
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Provide your body an armor against infection now!

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stop infection, prevent septic shock

Sepsis Protection in a 5-Minute Application

D’OXYVA works to prevent sepsis, and resulting septic shock, using life-restoring molecule carbon dioxide (CO₂) and gentle vapor dissolved across the skin in a fast, painless, handheld  5-minute application — performed either in a clinical setting or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Your body responds to the introduction of CO₂ by recruiting millions of microcapillaries in your system to flood potentially infected organs and tissues with life-giving oxygen, saturating those areas to provide immediate healing and lasting protection.

According to a study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information, severe sepsis and septic shock may be characterized by a derangement in global cardiac indices typically leading to low peripheral resistance, which the body tries to compensate for by increasing the cardiac output.

Provide your body an armor against infection now!

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act now before it's too late

What Makes D’OXYVA Truly Different

Over two dozen studies demonstrated sterling results at clinics and at home with zero adverse events.

D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) has recorded significant results, delivering major outcomes for well over 90% of users.

Average results rounded for display, based on number of enrolled subjects in each study with D’OXYVA® and user feedback.

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Ask your doctor before taking D’OXYVA®.

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We will refund your entire D’OXYVA® purchase price if you do not achieve any improvements (proof of purchase required, improvements of blood flow (perfusion index) measured from absolute baseline without taking D’OXYVA®).

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How To Start?

Follow the Standard Application Guide — Or, Get Your Personalized Plan

most frequent questions and answers


Correct. That’s why D’OXYVA’s gentle process demonstrated that it does NOT significantly increase the CO2 content in the blood or tissue and instead reduces the CO2 content per partial pressure of oxygen (O2). This just means D’OXYVA oxygenates the blood and tissue due to inducing the beneficial Bohr effect. In addition, CO2 is a so-called gasotransmitter that signals the autonomic nervous system in the brain to launch protective mechanisms that tend to move a host of critical functions into balance (homeostasis).

Search the terms we use on this site on the internet to learn more and measure your own results at home or with your doctor with a pulse oximeter for one example. Then watch your blood oxygen (SpO2) and perfusion index (peripheral blood flow) rise quickly in just a half an hour and hour that stays elevated for several hours after a single 5-minute D’OXYVA (single 16g cartridge)! Measure results with your blood pressure and blood glucose meter. For example, take it before your workout to boost energy and after for rapid recovery. Take it to restore healthy blood flow for your foot wounds or back pain or headaches. Reduce the risks of major infections, chronic illnesses and skin damage.

Simply by reducing the need to spend on expensive modalities that just don’t work at the underlying problem, they only act as an expensive bandaid. However, with the help of D’OXYVA your body gets to the bottom of the problem and starts regulating critical functions to restore order and even generate new and highly beneficial resources such as vessel structure growth, tissue repair, cell production and other hormonal and neural functions. Take D’OXYVA together with your beloved supplements, vitamins and even necessary medications and treatments to boost their efficacy and likely reduce any negative effects you may be experiencing from some of them.

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