D’OXYVA Telehealth App – Take Your Results to the Next Level (FREE)


Download this FREE and beautiful next generation telehealth app the experts at Circularity Healthcare created for their D’OXYVA® brand based on years of expert and consumer feedback from dozens of countries around the world.


Measure and record some of the most important vital signs and you can maximize your benefits and optimize your regimen:

  • Peripheral blood circulation (Perfusion Index)
  • Blood pressure (BP)
  • Heart rate (HV)
  • Respiratory rate (RR)
  • Any other vital sign


PLEASE NOTE: This is a FREE beta release version and we will email you a download link after you place your order on this site with our ‘Payment Upon Shipping’ checkout program. No payment or credit card required, this is a FREE app. Providing any type of personal information is optional and your data remains on your device, we do not collect or share any information with anyone.


Take your results to the next level with D’OXYVA®‘s free and easy-to-use telehealth app. You can enter your own measurement and share with your doctors your endpoints such as:

  • blood pressure (BP)
  • peripheral blood flow (Perfusion Index)
  • blood oxygen saturation (SpO2)
  • respiratory rate (RR)
  • pulse rate (PR)
  • blood sugar (A1C)
  • brain waives (EEG)
  • CAT, fMRI, ultrasound scans


Consult your doctor for regular checkups to record your progress.