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  • Each box contains 25pcs of Easytwist Premium Cartridge™ (16g)
  • Each Easytwist Premium Cartridge™ provides for one full application of D`OXYVA’s microcirculatory solution.
  • Easytwist Premium Cartridges are made exclusively for use with D`OXYVA.
  • No other cartridge fits or is suitable for use with D`OXYVA.


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Your Fast & Pleasant Journey to Total Health Starts Here - No Matter How Severe Your Condition Is!

physician-recommended easy to use daily

Why Use D'OXYVA?

D’OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the first biotech solution of its kind backed by widely-established groundbreaking Nobel Prize-winning science.  It is validated to significantly improve macro- and micro-circulation of blood flow and certain nerve activities in the body, which together are widely reported to form an effective non-invasive, pain-free solution option for many conditions.

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  • The cartridges are fully recyclable, harmless to the environment and can be dropped in any recycling bin after use.



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3.5 in


  1. LARRY (verified owner)

  2. MARK L. (verified owner)

    Just started treatment will rate later

  3. Quennie (store manager)

    At first I thought it was doing nothing for me, then was told that I should follow twice a day application for at least 4 weeks, then I did. After 4 weeks, amazingly my pain went away. Then I was advised i can now do once a day like a maintenance then gradually to 3 times a week after a month.

  4. Marvin M, (store manager)

    Simply amazing technology! Used it for my ankle pain. I am runner until I fractured my leg. I thought it will take time to be back running again until I searched for an alternative pain and healing therapy and that is how I discovered D’OXYVA. It makes sense, the science behind it. I even asked my therapist if this would help me recover and he agreed that improving microcirculation helps with faster recovery, and in just 3 weeks, I’m back on track! Thank you to the team behind this amazing product!

  5. David H.DePathie (store manager)

    Best Platform to buy any health kit. I contacted them for my diabetic management kit. They ensured the delivery services and best quality product.

  6. Roger Jacobs (store manager)

    I became a client 2 years ago after seeing the amazing transformation in another one of his clients. After I started using the D’OXYVA, I felt a major improvement in my breathing because my sinus issues had cleared up. After about 6 months, I realized that my muscles felt better and I was gaining my muscle mass back. I have had a major reduction in pain and inflammation throughout my body. Now I feel physically stronger. I am still using D’OXYVA .I know that the D’OXYVA applications have helped my body to feel good and healthy again.

  7. E Kim

    Thanks to D’OXYVA, I have been sleeping well at night and I wake up feeling well rested

  8. Zabit

    D’OXYVA has become my partner in health. It has helped me maintain my blood sugar level and keep my weight at a healthy limit

  9. William (store manager)

    Fitness being top priority now a day as it plays a significant role in how you perform in your social life. It’s hard to find some time for exercise. My colleagues recommended me to use D’OXYVA. I have observed myself more energetic throughout the day.”

  10. Scot Clark (store manager)

    While I would rate your product exceptional but pricey, I did not order any. I received two e-mails confirming shipment. Which I did not place . (which never came) and now am being asked for a review…. still having problems with your internal systems I see.

  11. Jim J (store manager)

    I use D’OXYVA twice a day – in the morning and in the evening to boost my performance in the gym and in running. I love how this is so easy to use! And great customer service too!

  12. Michael James (store manager)

    The rates of the products are reasonable enough. The wound recovery was tremendous. I have also introduced D’OXYVA to few of my friend. I am very much convinced with D’OXYVA. The results can be seen significantly.

  13. Jeanette O. (store manager)

    After using D’OXYVA for almost a month, twice a day, I noticed less pain in my legs. I am looking forward to seeing more improvements as time goes on.

  14. Johnny (store manager)

    Website is easy to use. It’s within our reach and best thing about it is you can order the product anytime.

  15. C.age O’Mally (store manager)

    D’OXYVA is definitely a breakthrough in pain management. I signed up for a trial, though delivery took a while, their service rep were very helpful and now I have been referring my friends to use this product. It works!

  16. Andrew Peterson (store manager)

    I am using D’OXYVA around 6 weeks. An excellent solution to in reducing my high Blood
    Pressure without taking medicines. I was feeling a good after using D’OXYVA.

  17. Antonio (store manager)

    ever since I used DOXYVA, I’ve been sleeping well and getting a really good quality of sleep! Which results in my good performance at work. Great product!

  18. JHONNY HERNANDEZ (store manager)

    Many people set unrealistic expectations of themselves in too short of a time-frame. Weight and muscle gain happen over months, years, and decades of work. Six weeks is a small amount of time to see major gains, but your muscles should feel a little firmer and maybe be noticing some shape or definition to the muscle you have. Thanks D’OXYVA, I see some change in 4 week.

  19. Robert Clark (store manager)

    D’OXYVA is like a friend, a mentor, a guide that alerts us and helps us in tracking our progress. It is a great way to motivate yourself.

  20. Richard Williamson (store manager)

    My friend recommended me to use D’OXYVA Blood Flow Solution, It helped me to control my diabetes & hypertension by improving my perfusion Index.

  21. Lynne Spearson (store manager)

    Suffering from lower back pain and D’OXYVA has helped me manage the pain. It’s very user friendly, I can use it anytime of the day

  22. Andre (store manager)

    part of my skin care regimen is using D’OXYVA daily. It helps me maintain healthy skin

  23. M.O’Neal (store manager)

    I needed more information about D’OXYVA and their customer service agent immediately answered my questions and was very informative. I signed up for their 30day trial and so far my after surgery pain is being relieved and the wound is healing faster. I’m almost done with my trial and will surely continue maybe with their subscription plan!

  24. Robert McDonald (store manager)

    As they assure, the product is 100% clinically validated and especially helpful for higher age group. I am 43 years old started using D’OXYVA Blood Flow Solution, No side effects till date.

  25. Paul Benedict (store manager)

    Customer Services are best till now. They ensured best delivery time, received the product in good conditions. I am most satisfied.

  26. Dylan (store manager)

    Easy to use and product ordering process is quite simple. Even as a first time visitor, you can easily purchase D’OXYVA from the website without any assistance.

  27. Brittany Lancaster (store manager)

    I show clear change in my skin with D’OXYVA. I feel rejuvenated and energized throughout the
    day. Thanks to the blog that suggested me to start D’OXYVA.

  28. DAVID YOUNG (store manager)

    Malignant is dangerous, where blood pressure stays very high like 200/120, 230/140 and some time as less as 160/100. It’s generally difficult to treat. All end Organ damage will manifest within 5 years if bp is not controlled adequately. D’OXYVA counters primary hypertension by increasing the blood flow with fresh oxygen-rich blood.

  29. Sophia Smith (store manager)

    D’OXYVA is an amazing innovation in healthcare. D’OXYVA gave positive result in my acne situation!

  30. Wesley Bates (store manager)

    Regular Use of D’OXYVA and some workouts, my energy level increased. Now I have ample enthusiasm, my outlook toward life is far more positive, which makes life enjoyable.

  31. DAVID YOUNG (store manager)

    Malignant is dangerous, where blood pressure stays very high like 200/120, 230/140 and some time as less as 160/100. It’s generally difficult to treat. All end Organ damage will manifest within 5 years if bp is not controlled adequately. D’OXYVA counters primary hypertension by increasing the blood flow with fresh oxygen-rich blood.

  32. Emma Jones (store manager)

    Fast delivery! I am using D’OXYVA for 6 months now to keep myself fit and healthy. It enhances blood circulation and improves immunity as well.

  33. Kate Wilson (store manager)

    I have introduced D’OXYVA to a number of my patients till date. I have received positive feedback from most of them who have used D’OXYVA. One 59-year old patient was in ICU,incubated and had developed bad sore which needed many debridement. His family discussed with me on his condition and upon my advice, agreed to try D’OXYVA, to be administered three times a day. The wound recovery was tremendous. The patient and his family are very happy with the recovery progress. I have also introduced D’OXYVA to other patients. This is exactly what I was looking for. It transforms my current best efforts into a permanent way.

  34. LUKE MARTIN (store manager)

    Everything is good with this platform. They have right product and best delivery services. Performed far better than my expectation.

  35. Justin Burton (store manager)

    Natural ways are always helpful and safe for the people with hypertension, but may not be easy to follow all and practice regularly. It may not be effective if bp is very high. Thanks to Mr. Steve who recommended me D’OXYVA.

  36. Friz Freleng (store manager)

    I am seeing an increase in muscle mass due to the D’OXYVA. People suffering from muscles pain,shoulder pain, etc. must be regular with certain exercises. D’OXYVA helped me to get off muscles pain. I love D’OXYVA.

  37. Jared (store manager)

    Web interface is fantastic and smooth working better than competitors. Their customer support is well organized. It saves time which is much precious. Nice job D’oxyva.

  38. Mitchell Wilson (store manager)

    A fitness tracker can change one’s life and help them to stay motivated and focused on their fitness goals. However, many people get bored with these fancy toys too quickly. D’OXYVA is an alternate of it.

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