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Select the color of your D’OXYVA device and make sure you add cartridge supplies in your cart.

The D’OXYVA® device’s rugged and durable design weighs less than a pound and requires an ounce of clean drinking water combined with Circularity’s disposable and recyclable cartridges. No electricity, costly equipment or special training is necessary to get started on a new you.

Circularity’s powerful noninvasive and all natural Transdermal Regenerative Solution (D`OXYVA) is the only real regenerative product clinically tested on people and identified as a Non-Significant Risk device for transdermal delivery showing significant lasting improvements in oxygen-rich blood flow in the microcirculation as measured in clinical trials with U.S. FDA-cleared noninvasive Skin Perfusion Pressure (SPP) diagnostics.

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  1. R.Bernards

    This device is amazing! I can’t help but be grateful how I am feeling better every morning and sleeping very well now. Thank you D’Oxyva! Your customer service is also great!

  2. J. Marshall

    i am using DOXYVA for my arthritis and it is doing the work for me. Pain is somehow manageable now. Glad I stumbled into this product. It’s a life saver!

  3. M Santos

    Was diagnosed with RA a few months ago. Have been suffering from the pain and it was unbearable! I met this person who also had RA and was using D’OXYVA. I tried for myself and it really is fortunate that I am relieved of the pain

  4. K. Jackson

    I read online about the benefits of using D’OXYVA so I decided to try their 30-day trial. Just two weeks into using it, I notice a boost in my energy. I now can do other things which I could not do before. Great product!

  5. Stephen Goddard

    it is too soon to tell if this device is providing the outcome i am looking for re diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy .

  6. aggoddard

    however , i think the design should be modified to have the on/off button operate differently . when screwing the cartridge cup on I tend to grab the device in the middle and this inadvertently push the button to the on position . This makes the cartridge work prematurely and I don’t get the full 5 minutes of performance . The on/off button should work in opposite to the way they work now . I have noticed that when I test oxygen level with a finger oximeter the value is usually about 4 points higher after treatment . Don’t know how long this lasts , but does indicate that I am upping the level upon treatment

  7. Zara M

    I have seen significant results with DOxyva for my skin since i started, im on my 4th month and I highly recommend it to my friends.

  8. Eric Clarkson

    since my DM type II diagnosis, I’ve been looking for alternative ways of controlling my sugar and blood pressure. So I was curious when I came across D’OXYVA. I decided to try it, and the results have been nothing short of great! My sugar levels and blood pressure are maintained, I feel less fatigued, and I generally feel so great!

  9. Jorge Manuel Lopez Jr

    I have been diagnosed to be diabetic when I was 43 years old and was told by my doctors to modify my lifestyle and diet. Sure I did, and my friend who’s also diabetic referred me to this microcirculation therapy called DOXYVA. I did the free trial for a month and noticed little changes in my day to day life. Decided to try it for one more month, and that’s when I noticed very noticeable changes. My sugar levels are not that high anymore and my o2 saturation has improved (monitored through an oximeter). I’m so happy!!!

  10. Jared

    I started D’OXYVA 4 weeks ago. It works very well. My high pressure is reducing without taking any type of medicines. I was feeling very good after using D’oxyva. Easy of order which saves time.

  11. Emily Bright

    Was introduced to D’OXYVA from a health forum online that it is effective to improve the appearance of spider veins, I tried it and been using it for 2 months now, so far the appearance of my spider veins significantly improved even without surgery!

  12. Moira Gatchallian

    Happy with my D’OXYVA. Using it to improve my stamina for running and exercise. I’ve really improved within just months of using it!

  13. Kimberly Banzon

    Suffered from a minor burn two months ago and was advised by my doctor to use d’oxyva to heal fast and it worked! Great product!

  14. James Atitio

    I have been a D’OXYVA user since 2015 and still using it now. It helps me with my stamina and endurance. I love that I was able to avail of their Going Global sale!

  15. Haley Stewart

    I had painful varicose veins and more on my left leg, I tried alot of creams to no effect.
    So I researched for more effective creams and got lucky to find doxyva therapy. I was kind of skeptical at first but i am so happy with the results. Thanks!

  16. Rob Santiago

    My bestfriend’s mom has diabetes and she was looking for an alternative to treating her wounds which are very slow to heal. She was referred to D’OXYVA and has been on it ever since. She’s been saying she’s feeling waaaay better than she ever did! It’s not only her diabetic foot that’s been better, she can now have long walks for exercise which she couldn’t do before. I’m so happy for her and my bestfriend.

  17. Rejean

    Always wanted to get rid of my varicose veins without undergoing surgery. Luckily for me, I got to try D’OXYVA, applied the therapy onto my leg and after some weeks, I definitely saw some improvements!

  18. E. Mason

    I did not expect these results at all but I am happy I did give this product a shot. D’Oxyva makes me sleep better at night and increased my sex drive. I can accomplish more things during the day with my energy up. Great product.

  19. Terence King

    suffered from a burn and I had difficulty walking. Got to try D’OXYVA and it definitely hastened the healing process! The next goal is to get rid of the scar!

  20. Princess Mariott

    Loving my D’OXYVA! I just had a major surgery and was introduced to D’OXYVA, they said it will make my healing faster so I can go back to work right away. I feel a whole lot healthier ever since I tried the therapy. The doctor said normally my wound will heal in 6 months, but in only almost 4 months my wounds are closed and I’m back on my feet with almost no pain! Been having the therapy once a day for the past 3 months!

  21. Freddy Simons

    D’OXYVA is good for headache, you should start using it. A combined routine, including proper exercise, diet & D’OXYVA, I have seen positive effect on my body. It elevates flow of blood to brain and enhances one’s memory. It also keeps you mentally strong.

  22. Dyke

    My work requires me to stand for long hours. It’s not a shocker i have varicose veins. But thanks to D’OXYVA, they aren’t as obvious as they looked a few months back! This is definitely an innovation!

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