D’OXYVA – MicroScan – U.S. Demo Tour

U.S. Demo Tour

Circularity’s film crews are making a documentary miniseries about great recovery stories, and we are selecting a few people from each clinic for long-term testing. Our goal is to create short follow-up videos for a documentary that may last 3 to 6 months or even longer. Test participants may take videos of themselves for the follow-up tests, as Circularity provides a complete professional home kit that includes cameras, as well as a large discount on D’OXYVA products.

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Get Your Circulation Tested in Minutes With the MicroScan Advanced Noninvasive Imaging System & See How You Flow Before and After D’OXYVA Microcirculation Solution!


MicroVision Medical MicroScan

The new USB3 MicroScan can be regarded as the fourth generation handheld microscope for clinical assessment and almost immediate analysis result of the patients’ microcirculation.

It uses the sidestream dark field (SDF) technique to visualize microcirculation in patients at the bed side and at home. Find out more here about its specifications and usage.

MicroScan Real-time Blood Flow Imaging

Blood flow imaging of a healthy erderly.

Note  :  Actual video feed color may differ on actual MicroScan devices

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