D’OXYVA Application Guide

How To Start?

Follow the Standard Application Guide Below — Or, Get Your Personalized Plan

  1. Take two 16g cartridges each day — once in the morning and once at night — for the first month
  2. Measure your results 
  3. Adjust frequency accordingly to one-per-day in the second month
  1. Take two or three 16g cartridges each week for as long as desired to avoid the reappearing signs and symptoms
  2. Engage in light exercise — such as swimming, stretching, walking, meditation, and yoga — to improve long-term results

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A personalized health plan is person-centered, recovery oriented, and addresses personalized goals and objectives. It allows the individual to recover in a way that is the best fit for them emotionally, socially, and cognitively.  The health plan should encompass the unique situation of each person.

In order to plan the best course of solution for an individual, how a person processes thoughts, expresses emotions, or views, recovery needs to be taken into consideration. Let us help you address your goals and objectives by simply filling up the form below.