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Did you know that it is impossible to have a good health without a good blood?

Did you know that it is impossible to have a good health without a good blood?

It is impossible to have good health without a good blood and it is a good distribution of all organs, systems and cells of the body. The blood carries silicon to the nails, hair, skin and other places “far away” where it is required, and transport to the bone calcium, vitamins, minerals and oxygen to various body parts as well as many important functions within it.

The heart is the force responsible for pumping blood so that it can spread its reach and nutrients. It collects waste materials from different parts of the body too. The blood travels through the body at a speed of 9 mm per second, and during the journey it cleans, nourishes, sterilizes, distributes chemical compounds from food, toxins and helps to purify cells.

Arteries and veins

The veins and arteries are the roads where the blood cells travel inside. The veins carry blood loaded with debris and clean blood in arteries. If any of these avenues is blocked for any reason, you can up of high blood pressure, a result that warns that heart is “pushing” with more force and pressure so that blood can flow through the capillaries and as fast as it should.

If blood cannot flow at a certain speed, then begin to generate a series of severe adverse consequences for the body indicating that there is venous congestion, such as leg pain, swelling, cramps, anemia, or in severe cases, increases the propensity for an attack of paralysis. If the blood does not run optimally, but we eat very well, we can begin to have health problems, this is also noticeable in the appearance of hair and skin, reflecting weakness and opacity due to poor oxygenation and distribution of nutrients to the body.

Knowing the importance of a good circulation, it is necessary to keep not only a diet of good quality but very healthy habits so that your blood and all its components can be shared with vigor and stimulate action in cleansing the blood.

Natural remedies for improve your circulation

Here are some tips for you to improve your circulation:

Look after your heart

There are many ways to keep your heart healthy and strong throughout life, no matter how old you are, you can make your heart pump strongly and full of life. For this, it is advisable to walk and do exercises such as swimming or climbing. The heights are great for the heart, a greater height, greater uptake of oxygen, but you should be aware of your fitness to climb a mountain, it might not react favorably if you’re not used to extreme heights, and you could feel dizzy, with headaches or even vomiting. This only means that your body is not accustomed to it.


To strengthen the heart’s nothing better than chlorophyll liquid foods containing vitamin E, like avocado and olive oil, and pollen and yeast.

Veins clean

Besides a good routine of exercise, it is necessary to avoid in your diet, saturated fats, fried things, animals sausages, meats, milk cows, and so on. This type of fat congests veins, reducing the space through which circulates the blood and causing the heart to put more pressure on the pump. For fragile veins, it is best to eat buckwheat and consumption of foods containing vitamin Csuch as orange, lemon, and so on. Consuming vitamin E is recommended for the muscles, and veins also contain muscle. Oats, raw garlic, celery, avocado and vegetable broths are excellent.


There are many types of breathing that promote good circulation. The rapid inhalations and slow exhalations are recommended. There are practices such as yoga and meditation activities that promote different types of breathing very effective movement.


Believe it or not, having a good mood and being happy with what you do in your life, not only promotes good movement but a movement for quality, full of strength. It is as if some form of heart be given the message “I like to live” and this is justified with such energy. Therefore, it encourages thinking of yearning and attempts to follow it, no matter how young or old you feel, when your mind is full of energy and enthusiasm, your life will be too.

Baths and massages

And finally, bathrooms and massages are very suitable for putting the blood in a very good way. Hot water brings blood to the surface and the cold cut. This remedy is ideal for those people that for any reason are unable to perform physical activity.


D’OXYVA is the only fully noninvasive, completely painless transdermal (over-the-skin) microcirculatory solution that has been clinically tested to significantly improve microcirculation.

The improvement of microcirculation, i.e., blood flow to the smallest blood vessels, benefits one’s health, immune system and overall sense of well-being in a variety of ways.

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