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Circularity in collaboration with EndPandemics

As the pandemic spreads worldwide, companies must plan ahead and make steps that will help them protect their employees, keep their business on track, and even prepare for the worst – business disruption. Most have revisited policies, considered new innovations and platforms, and canceling events that requires mass gatherings.

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As shops, restaurants and bars across the nation and around the world shut down to at least help flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus, many workers were sent home. For most of them if not all, that means uncertainty as to when they’ll see a paycheck again.

For those who want to help, it can be hard to know where and how to start.

“There are so many ways to help and sometimes it gets very confusing as there are so many charities to choose from, but during these hard times, all kinds of giving makes a difference”, says Jennifer Rose Boadilla-Pelaez, Circularity Healthcare’s Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Creative Director.

Circularity announced a long-term collaboration with EndPandemics on June 16th, 2020.


End Pandemics

In line with Circularity Healthcare’s mission to provide real and affordable healthcare, we have partnered with #Endpandemics, a global alliance to protect and regenerate nature, to help prevent future pandemics by ending the commercial trade in wild animals, expanding wild habitat, and protecting livelihoods. Your contribution will not only protect our global health and save wildlife, it will also safeguard global biodiversity, enhance sustainable agriculture, and mitigate climate change. Circularity Healthcare will also be donating its products to every member of the network of this charity to help them stay healthy.

About EndPandemics

EndPandemics is a dynamic, global alliance of organizations—representing conservation, climate, health, finance, security, agroforestry, business, technology, and communications—who have launched this global campaign to reduce the risks of pandemics by addressing the root cause of all zoonotic outbreaks—rampant wildlife trade and the destruction of wild habitat.


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