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Nobel prizewinner Koichi Tanaka says the predictive blood test for Alzheimer’s disease he and colleagues spent almost a decade developing is a double-edged sword. Without medications to stave off the
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Did you know the annual average cost of insulin per diabetic is about $6,000 and the monthly dosing of the 10 most advertised drugs is between about $500 and $17,000 in
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Published in PRWeb Los Angeles, CA May 8, 2019. Circularity Healthcare is emerging from a successful conference on Microcirculation in Maastricht, the Netherlands, organized by the European Society for Microcirculation
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A KAIST research team succeeded in visualizing pulmonary microcirculation and circulating cells in vivo with a custom-built 3D intravital lung microscopic imaging system. They found a type of leukocyte called
Abstract Varicose veins of lower limbs have always caused, because of their rate, highest social spendings. Those patients who have trophic disturbances often need surgical treatment even after surgical intervention.
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How does transdermal non-invasive CO2 infusion at the thumb cause improved blood circulation and cellular O2 levels in the foot? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Judy Delp Ph.D. Job Description Professor of
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When you say healthy, it often brings to mind an image of person that exercises all the time and only eats nutritious food while avoiding junk like candy and fast
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Drug manufacturers were grilled Wednesday about the skyrocketing price of insulin, which has doubled in the last five years and led some patients to ration the life-saving drug. One study finds the
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It is with our great pleasure to announce that we were invited by the organizers to participate in the 3rd joint ESM-EVBO 2019 and become a sponsor. The 2019 ESM-EVBO
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