You’ve seen the crazy photo of cyclist Pawel Poljanski’s insane leg veins after his 70-hour Tour de France pump. And the Rock boasts a pretty impressive bicep vein, too. Plus,
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by Dr. James O. Honors in Epidemiology, Ophthalmology Electives and Albert Einstein College of Medicine A Sad Case Struggling with Diabetes – Most people remember the popular movie Animal House and
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Exercise has been shown to protect against diabetes, stroke and several other diseases and to improve our moods. But does it also make us more likely to engage in other
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I was introduced several years ago to the transdermal CO2 D’OXYVA® delivery system and had the chance to utilize this modality in my practice as well as see the benefits noted by
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As 180 entrants prepared to run the Camo Run 2017 supporting Veterans and their families at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana, 14-year-old Dylan Letendre stopped by the booth of Pasadena-based
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In a decades-long struggle to control her weight, Carolyn Mills joined the YMCA many times, signed up for the Jenny Craig diet program and tried fen-phen, the drug combination later
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Peripheral edema is the result/manifestation of many diseases, inflammation processes, and loss of body compensatory mechanism of chronic conditions, but the first pathophysiology disturbance is at the capillary level (microcirculation).
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By virtue of the fact that Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) approved human clinical studies with D’OXYVA® and concluded that it was a Non-Significant Risk (NSR) device, D’OXYVA® has an approved Investigational Device
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