We at Circularity believe in a long-sought-after goal in health care; people should have access to a single health application that solves most of their short and long term health issues without compromising other aspects of their health. While doing this quickly, affordably, and without pain.

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The Trump Administration wants to make it easier for patients and employers to comparison shop for healthcare. On transparency, one can’t fault the Administration for not trying. So far, the
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“I was first diagnosed with diabetes at a young age,” said Bryan, 50 years old. It was in his early 20s that he started to live with devastating pain in
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AimTo describe the vaginal microcirculatory architecture and capillary density parameters using side stream dark field imaging (SDFI), and determine feasibility and reliability of this method.  MethodsIn nine healthy female volunteers SDFI measurements were performed at
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The link between depression and the body’s inflammatory response continues getting stronger, with more research showing an ever-tighter correlation. Whether inflammation causes depression has been difficult to nail down, but findings from a
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It’s possible that the medicine you’re taking isn’t helping—even if it’s been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. That’s the upshot of a pair of studies in the latest
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The number of effective agents available for the treatment of hypertension is now substantial. However, in spite of this, most would agree that there is still considerable scope for improvement
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Annie, 35 and a mother to 3 kids, shared her story of how D’OXYVA took away her worries about the pain and appearance of varicose veins and gave her a
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Read Article in PRWeb Forbes Los Angeles Business Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Successful Business Owners and Leaders in Greater Los Angeles   [Los Angeles, May 28, 2019] —
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Nobel prizewinner Koichi Tanaka says the predictive blood test for Alzheimer’s disease he and colleagues spent almost a decade developing is a double-edged sword. Without medications to stave off the
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Did you know the annual average cost of insulin per diabetic is about $6,000 and the monthly dosing of the 10 most advertised drugs is between about $500 and $17,000 in
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