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Crush fatigue Slow flow Your blood platelet flow is like the M25: a never-ending motorway. And sugar is the number one cause of congestion. When red blood cells clump together,
Blood Circulation, Cardiovascular
Exercise has been shown to protect against diabetes, stroke and several other diseases and to improve our moods. But does it also make us more likely to engage in other
Blood Circulation, Brain, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Stroke
I was introduced several years ago to the transdermal CO2 D’OXYVA® delivery system and had the chance to utilize this modality in my practice as well as see the benefits noted by
Active Lifestyle, Diabetes, Doctor's Feedback, Wound Healing
Microcirculation secrets could shed new light on risks of heart disease and diabetes
Researchers at the University of Southampton together with colleagues at King’s College London have embarked on a unique study that will shed new light on the risk of heart disease
Blood Circulation, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Health News
The link between oxygen and cancer is clear. In fact, an underlying cause of cancer is usually low cellular oxygenation levels. In newly formed cells, low levels of oxygen damage respiration enzymes so
Blood Circulation, Cancer
As 180 entrants prepared to run the Camo Run 2017 supporting Veterans and their families at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana, 14-year-old Dylan Letendre stopped by the booth of Pasadena-based
Active Lifestyle, User Story
Chronic venous insufficiency is a widespread disease of great socio-economic relevance. It is characterized by accompanying venous hypertension due to valvular dysfunction or valvular insufficiency. The high pressure in the
Blood Circulation, Neuropathy, Spider / Varicose Veins, Wound Healing
In a decades-long struggle to control her weight, Carolyn Mills joined the YMCA many times, signed up for the Jenny Craig diet program and tried fen-phen, the drug combination later
Active Lifestyle, Weight Loss
Peripheral edema is the result/manifestation of many diseases, inflammation processes, and loss of body compensatory mechanism of chronic conditions, but the first pathophysiology disturbance is at the capillary level (microcirculation).
Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Wound Healing
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