Pollutants are dangerous compounds for living beings. Like water, CO2 is vital for life on Earth; thus, CO2 is not a pollutant or contaminant. The specific heat of CO2 is
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Cellulite is a symptom of abnormal fat cell growth and an inflammatory response under the skin’s dermis layer. The skin’s dermis layer is known as the living skin, and it
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BACKGROUND: Heart rate variability (HRV) has been proposed as a predictor of acute stroke outcome. This study aimed to evaluate the predictive value of a novel non-linear method for analysis
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Stats are greatly against us. On average, by the age of 70 our brain will be 15% lighter than it was in our 20s, beginning to deteriorate with aging damage
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Did you know that it is impossible to have a good health without a good blood?
It is impossible to have good health without a good blood and it is a good distribution of all organs, systems and cells of the body. The blood carries silicon to
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Are you feeling weary? Are you having trouble focusing? Are your hands or feet chilly, even when the weather is warm? The reason could be a problem in your circulatory
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Following Successful Wound Healing Pilot Study, Circularity Launches Multicenter Clinical Trials, Business Initiatives with Influential Experts Across the Region The Philippine Wound Care Society is a non profit, non stock, SEC registered organization. It
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Crush fatigue Slow flow Your blood platelet flow is like the M25: a never-ending motorway. And sugar is the number one cause of congestion. When red blood cells clump together,
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Exercise has been shown to protect against diabetes, stroke and several other diseases and to improve our moods. But does it also make us more likely to engage in other
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