Improving Lives by Improving Blood Flow

Welcome to Circularity Healthcare

Large leading commercial global networks with millions of patients under management have been waiting to receive our regulated products in about 60 countries around the world. In these countries, our company has been running various successful test-marketing programs with our local teams for small and large health care providers; academia, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment manufacturers and distributors; and spa, wellness, and beauty outlets during the past six years. The Carlyle Group’s credit desk has expressed interest in providing a debt facility after thoroughly reviewing the company’s detailed business plans, and Goldman Sachs visited our headquarters in Los Angeles.

The decision is a no-brainer for health care professionals, patients, and insurance companies alike given the fact that our rapid, noninvasive platform drug delivery technologies are turned into lightweight, handheld, and completely painless mechanical gadgets that provide results at about 1/10th of the cost of competing modalities under 1/10th of the time, having zero negative-side-effect reports to date, while requiring a long-term maintenance course after the initial treatment course that ultimately results in years of guaranteed revenue streams. For example, one of our most loyal customers started with our monthly autopay and autoship program back in 2012 and has never missed a month since then.

Our company has invested enough over the past nine years in obtaining the kinds of high-quality, dedicated production lines at home and in multiple countries with a capacity that can meet this extraordinarily large demand for our products. We are in close collaboration with the world’s largest producer of our platform—a simple, non-toxic, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared pharmaceutical molecule. The strategic partnerships of our company include some of the largest public global diversified industrial multinationals with a combined market cap value of more than $110 billion. Circularity Healthcare is certified to ISO13485 international standards, which is one of the most stringent quality management systems in the world for medical device manufacturers. We’re launching products in various sizes, including disposable iterations that can be built into clothing and space suits, as well as working to reverse the harsh effects of staying in space for even a few short days, including radiation and zero gravity. We can reformulate molecules with expired patents and give them new life with higher efficacy but less negative side effects. With Circularity’s unique noninvasive skin delivery method applied anywhere on the body, we also significantly enhance the effects of CBD, THC, and any substances that were shelved due to gastrointestinal tract absorption issues on top of at least half of all medications on the market today. We essentially accelerate the speed of development significantly for a host of new drugs and even vaccines, including for COVID-19.

Circularity’s original platform business model offers vast application possibilities across the entire health care and beauty industry. It was vetted shortly after its inception in 2011 and by various leading consulting firms, including KPMG. This model was built on a hyper-growth trajectory with a razor and blade–type aftermarket, as well as a lean hybrid outsourced infrastructure, underpinned by a customized version of the standard business development capability maturity model. Our business development officer since the inception of the company has been Dr. Paul Kirkitelos, who is a former NASA Ames Research fellow, a former McKinsey executive, and a co-founder of a hedge fund and a public oil exploration company. Paul was the chief operating officer at Nobel Laureate Dr. Lou Ignarro’s nitric oxide supplement business about 15 years ago. The little blue pill called Viagra was the direct result of Dr. Ignarro’s groundbreaking research. Paul was the ghostwriter for Dr. Ignarro’s best-selling book called NO More Heart Disease, with the word “NO” standing for nitric oxide.

Circularity has invested millions of dollars during the past several years to obtain the kinds of critical strategic clinical evidence that allows world-class medical experts on the company’s advisory board to expand D’OXYVA’s clinical program to the pivotal phase 3, which is currently being launched at multiple world-leading research institutions in collaboration with a world-leading global clinical research organization. Several members of our clinical and regulatory team are regularly called upon to testify in front of the FDA, and our combined drug and device FDA clearance is expected in three to six months with a high degree of confidence.

The company’s first US utility patent was granted in 2018 and has been vetted and evaluated by large global diversified multinationals and appraised by specialized international IP firms. With the help of K&L Gates Orange County office in California, our patents are pending in multiple major countries, and new filings are under way.

Our internal sales and marketing plans were augmented with plans drafted by global, regional, and local leading public relations and marketing firms specializing in the health care industry, such as Edelman, Golin, and MediaPlanet, to name a few. Just recently, we launched a long-term collaboration with an influential global charity called EndPandemics last month in June to support the reduction and hopefully elimination of certain wildlife trade, as well as take other steps to help to mitigate the chance that other major pandemics will happen. It is releasing more than 600 million ads over top news networks in the next few months. In addition, along with our successful internal digital campaigns, we are launching influencer campaigns with USA Today‘s new special edition called the Future of Personal Health. The edition has a half dozen top celebrities this month and a dozen more alongside multiple high-quality and high-performance minute-long social video campaigns reaching millions of viewers until the end of August. 


Several major long-term trends are reshaping the healthcare industry worldwide:

  • The movement towards the outpatient setting to encourage lowering healthcare budgets;
  • Decreasing reimbursement for hospital stays, hospital outpatient centers and treatments;
  • Increasing demand for proactive, patient-involved post-hospitalization care; and,
  • Increasing the role of telemedicine and telediagnostics to track patient progress and satisfaction.

In addition, blockbuster pharmaceutical patents are expiring quickly, new medicine breakthroughs are decreasing, and profits are diminishing partly because of generics and the increasing cost of research and development.

The markets for health care solutions are driven by a high demand for minimally or non-invasive, ultra-portable applications with low-cost, low-risk, low-regulatory requirements and short time to market that require little or no reimbursement.

D’OXYVA meets these requirements and much more.


Our people consider the following values are essential to realizing our mission as an effective and efficient organization.

We at Circularity believe in a long-sought-after goal in health care: Access to a single health application that solves most short- and long-term health issues quickly, affordably, without pain, and without compromising other health aspects.

Therefore, our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and market proprietary, advanced, and affordable technologies that significantly improve quality of life by improving some of the most essential physiological functions in the body.



Our guiding objective is to serve those who empower our company to deliver the best solutions to patients and consumers who benefit from our products — including our primary stakeholders, the our recommending doctors, and the various distribution channels. 



We do what we say and we say what we do to, empowering our company and our people to excel by taking absolute responsibility for every product, services, and solution.



We always listen to those with diverse backgrounds to consistently envision  and create meaningful solutions that build value for all people engaged with our company.



We have built our company on the principle of innovative, lean, and collaboratively outsourced partnerships.

We provide affordable products with a wide variety of benefits to people worldwide.

We are conscientious of the bottom line that enables us safe, steady growth.



Stakeholders praise our agility and precision as we tackle the unique challenges in a global business environment.



We share openly and directly with all stakeholders our company’s activities, including the potential benefits and risks of the products, services, and solutions we offer.



We are committed to building a world-class team that functions with dynamic flexibility, improves through collaborative support, and trains using the best-in-practice tools and techniques.


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